an aussie, a brit on a nottingham adventure (aka being tourists)

My long-distance bestie Lisa came to visit the UK!


“don’t let the ‘man’ get you down”

I hope you all recognise the quote I have put as the title for this blog. If you don't, get online and watch 'School of Rock' immediately. You won't regret it!   Dear friends (and anyone who reads this), This post isn't long nor about anything special or exciting. We're back to that time of … Continue reading “don’t let the ‘man’ get you down”

Calgary Bound [December 2015]

Every week I scold myself for having not written a post on this blog for a very long time and I am glad I've finally had a moment to write something. The autumn semester of my final year has flown by and the brakes have long disappeared when I've wished it to slow down just … Continue reading Calgary Bound [December 2015]

Final Year Commences…

I feel as if I haven't written on this blog in an incredibly long time and have decided to write a quick "in the moment" post as a break from Spanish revision. I already have an assessment on Tuesday (4th October) that I am dreading. It's too soon! As a language student I am definitely … Continue reading Final Year Commences…