three wheels and seven weeks to go.

This morning, at precisely 7:53, I woke up to a message from Dave...   Well Nottingham, I've seen it all! This makes Nottingham seem really dodgy but I promise you all it isn't. I've never really felt unsafe or at peril during my time here and I just couldn't believe my luck. Of course my … Continue reading three wheels and seven weeks to go.


正月十五:fifteenth and final day of my ‘hóngbāo’ adventure

For my final one, I thought I'd make a video. I tried to keep it short but it is just over six minutes! (I apologise for any babbling or for talking too much.) For those who are looking at this blog page for the first time, this ‘hóngbāo’ adventure is a series of posts starting … Continue reading 正月十五:fifteenth and final day of my ‘hóngbāo’ adventure

Calgary Bound [December 2015]

Every week I scold myself for having not written a post on this blog for a very long time and I am glad I've finally had a moment to write something. The autumn semester of my final year has flown by and the brakes have long disappeared when I've wished it to slow down just … Continue reading Calgary Bound [December 2015]

Final Year Commences…

I feel as if I haven't written on this blog in an incredibly long time and have decided to write a quick "in the moment" post as a break from Spanish revision. I already have an assessment on Tuesday (4th October) that I am dreading. It's too soon! As a language student I am definitely … Continue reading Final Year Commences…