Begin Again: I suppose good things come in threes?

The start of something new - and yes, I did immediately start singing the HSM song.


Moving to London: “and I have to live with a boy..!” – Monica, Friends

Our journey flat hunting in London and the move down to start our careers!

A Canadian in Town #3: London-bound

It's a bittersweet ending to a ten-day adventure! Michael headed off to Manchester on the Sunday 25th September to meet a friend for lunch and head on to the airport to fly to Edinburgh. Whilst I resumed the university working life, he went off to see the Scottish sights. On Wednesday I knew Michael was due … Continue reading A Canadian in Town #3: London-bound

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Si el camino que sigues es difícil, es porque vas en la dirección correcta. If the path you follow is difficult, it's because you're going in the right direction. To start, a quote I found a year ago that has re-appeared and I just find it so fantastic, I had to share it again! So … Continue reading Happy Sunday Everyone!