“to build or not to build bridges?” – a metaphorical dilemma

friendship and adulthood: one of those "life lesson" moments.


“don’t let the ‘man’ get you down”

I hope you all recognise the quote I have put as the title for this blog. If you don't, get online and watch 'School of Rock' immediately. You won't regret it!   Dear friends (and anyone who reads this), This post isn't long nor about anything special or exciting. We're back to that time of … Continue reading “don’t let the ‘man’ get you down”

正月十五:fifteenth and final day of my ‘hóngbāo’ adventure

For my final one, I thought I'd make a video. I tried to keep it short but it is just over six minutes! (I apologise for any babbling or for talking too much.) For those who are looking at this blog page for the first time, this ‘hóngbāo’ adventure is a series of posts starting … Continue reading 正月十五:fifteenth and final day of my ‘hóngbāo’ adventure