Reverse Culture Shock: Ningbo Style

It has been just over a month that I left Ningbo behind and I don't know about anyone else but I feel like I am in mourning. Yes, I am rather a dramatic person but I have been followed by a little black cloud ever since I left that just takes me back to various … Continue reading Reverse Culture Shock: Ningbo Style


Year Abroad Prep: Another day, another dawn.

It is preparation time for China. I have my big travellers backpack ready to be packed (even though it's still sat in my cupboard right now). For those who know me, the idea of me just taking a backpack must be surprising. Especially as they have seen me hauling around a big or many suitcases … Continue reading Year Abroad Prep: Another day, another dawn.

Year Abroad #Canada: it's flipping freezing!

From Christmas Day to January 7th, 2014: A week (almost) since New Year and it's just got colder and colder in Calgary!! The upside of that is that it has snowed a lot over the past few days so I feel like I am in a winter wonderland! The downside is just how cold it … Continue reading Year Abroad #Canada: it's flipping freezing!

Year Abroad #Madrid: how time flies

From December 19th, 2014: During my last weekend in Madrid, my flatmates and I had a Christmas dinner together! It was a traditional English one with roast chicken (thank you Jamie Oliver for a fab recipe), gravy (I couldn't not have it!), roast potatoes and the usual vegetables. For Spaniards, it is not common to … Continue reading Year Abroad #Madrid: how time flies