29th May 2014

One month. 30 days. Oh so many hours that I can’t be bothered to count.

I can’t believe that the one month mark has crept up on me! A month today I will be in a Travelodge by London Heathrow with William, probably feeling anxious, nervous, excited etc. that I am kicking off Third Year in about ten hours. I’ve been googling what to get a spanish host family as gifts and all I can find are such generous Canadians and Americans ! One girl has taken a photobook of her life, some ice hockey jerseys, toy cars and I can’t remember what else but.. Oh! And some glass coasters. Oh my lord do I feel under pressure! (*dun dun dun dundedundun* the song is kicking in..) so I have made a draft photobook on photo box and to be honest, I am pretty proud of what I’ve created! Only downside is the price tag. It’s £26 and I’m thinking I could take a few photos and just explain them instead… So we’ll see which argument wins: pretty and memorable or cheap and kinda memorable… I have also debated getting the three boys England cricket shirts (spread the cricket love) but I’m still unsure. And I’m definitely getting fudge and shortbread as treats for all! Still feel slightly clueless though..

Between now and that wonderful D-day I have two boring exams to do, working as a steward at a Luminarium for two days, going on a spa date with one of my lovely friends, going to Alton towers with my housemates, celebrating my birthday in Nottingham, going to Paris during my birthday with housemates and lovely friend, then packing up anything I have left and shipping myself off down to London! In which I will proceed to keep myself busy and hopefully celebrate my third anniversary with my boyfriend. I’m making it sound like a bigger thing than it is, but still, would love to celebrate it!! So I’m a very busy bee.

So as the countdown begins, I need to get better at the
Is tumblr thing. Hopefully I will!


This song is exactly what I am right no – Happy 💗

This week has been a weird, long, short, busy, lazy, crazy week and I am sooo glad that it is over! I experienced my first all-nighter that ended in having pizza at 7am and collapsing in my bed just past eight. I have gone to yoga twice which made me feel healthy until I had a cheeky McDonald’s during the long night of hell. Can’t complain really.. and I have just finalised my second work placement in Spain for the year abroad.


I will be working at HappyFM radio for three months. It feels unreal. And daunting because that means my spanish better be amazing. but IT’S GOING TO BE AMAZING. I can’t believe I finish my second year in exactly two months time. By now I will have strolled out of the exam room and straight to a bar. Kidding – I mean bed. Then my housemates and I (one in spirit as she’s going to Download Festival instead) are going to Paris! It’ll be my first time and we’re planning to go to the Eiffel Tower on my birthday! So basically. Today and this weekend has a chilled out “screw work” vibe and once China is sorted. That is my life made.

Big love to everyone. (that sounds so weird but I didn’t know how else to put it…)


ps. sorry that this post is so boring and so about me. well, more so than ever.. i’m just so excited right now!

Song of the day – Brave 💗

This is a beautiful song and it goes great with the sunny weather today! It’s also pretty inspirational as there is so much unsaid these days which somehow limits everyone’s potential to love life. This can be in a variety of situations but the point is always the same: you can’t say it because it’s a risk. Is it worth the risk? What if… everything goes badly? turns out better than expected? nothing changes? The possibilities are god-awfully scary!

So following the vibe of this song, never be afraid to say what you feel people need to hear. If they’ve done wrong, tell them. Just so they don’t hurt other people in the future. So they don’t repeat the same mistake and we all grow to be better and the wonderful people we are. if they’ve done right, tell them also!

It seems a bit random for me to jabber about this but it’s unbelievable how important it is.

Be Brave & love life 🙂



Second Year in Nottingham

This is the view from my window in our student house. Although it doesn’t look out over beautiful scenery, it feels so good to get a picture like this. Only now are we getting into the swing of things as university has just started. And it is a bit mad because I’m working the whole time I don’t have talks by working I mean I am being a student ambassador for my department by being one of many receptionists. It’s pretty good. I feel like I know a lot more than the other helpers because I talk to a lot more of the students that come in for help. And that’s just a bonus. But i have to admit, I wish I was laid on a couch doing nothing and eating profiteroles. I know I live a life of doing so much it gives me little time to relax and breathe. But that’s my “resolution” for this year. I dare myself to just stop. And not go anywhere or do anything for a day. Including worrying and thinking what the following day will bring. I hope I am successful. Quite often too.

Just a little side note.. It’s pretty interesting seeing people you know, or know of, or just recognise when you pass them on campus and in town. For example, right now I’m at on a bus home and I recognise a girl standing opposite me. But she has no idea who I am. Even though we chatted for ages once at the cricket match I went to see with the Ladies Cricket here. I find it mad.

On a good note, I’m glad I’m in the general mood to want to try and speak in Spanish or Chinese. And that excites me.



And on the tenth day


I’m just taking a moment to scribble down the happenings of the past few days as I feel I’ve been on a bit of an adventure. (I haven’t really.) It all kicked off with giving my my mummy a massive hug goodbye and staying at my godmother’s for a night. Then I got into my gypsy van – otherwise known as my lovely car – and wizzed off to pick up my lovely friend Kathy to start adventure one: Driving into London. The sun was shining (I didn’t have any sunglasses as I had left them at Will’s place..) so I was driving half blinded over the rolling hills of the Downs towards the M4 as I’m not tall enough for the shade to avoid the sun rays glare completely. I had had a look at google map’s directions before I left so I had a faint idea of the best way to get across London to where Will lives on the South Bank. But, of course, it was never going to run smoothly. My overly-organised Kathy (thankfully) had a map of central London so with that and my own intuition we got the Will’s place in two hours. Score. Although I did drive all the way into Knightsbridge then down through Sloane Square and across to Chelsea Bridge where I followed the river and crossed Vauxhall Bridge. Where we then weaved for a bit (obviously on purpose..) around Lambeth and near the one road I needed to get to, and I managed to get caught in a dead end. But heyho, we made it. And the sun was still shining.

We then caught the tube to Tottenham Court Road where we then walked down through Soho and past Chinatown to Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. And we decided, on a whim, to buy discounted tickets to see Wicked. And it was a very goood decision. The show is amazing. I want to be Alfaba (well… As cool as her..). We also trotted about Covent Garden which was quite pretty and full of shoppers, street mimes and magicians. After the show I went to Will’s and spent the rest of the week with him. I’ve spent a bit of time having “bonding sessions” with his brother and sisters as we went to dinner with his brother and his girlfriend on the Saturday night. Last Thursday A and I went to the park nearby me had our lunch there to enjoy the last day of sunshine. I enjoyed it ^.^ Today I’ve had a lot of time to chat to Will’s eldest sister as we drove into London (with his parents) so that was cool. I think she enjoys taking the mick out of me and teasing me which is pretty funny as it is requited. Tehe.

Then last Friday C (brother’s girlfriend), A (a sister) and I spent a few hours dealing with a slightly flooded kitchen… They’ve had problems with one of the pipes and on that day it overflowed. This lead to all three of us trying to fix it by plunging. It would’ve been quite a hilarious sight for anyone to walk in on. (I think so anyway). In this teeny kitchen there were three of us crammed around a sink trying our best to make magic happen and getting soaked in the process. A (being quite small) kneeled on the draining board plunging one hole, I was in the middle on a two step ladder plunging the main one and C was say up on the other side covering the overflow hole. And quite often sink water would squirt up and out at us which was just horrible. But at the same time quite funny. I don’t think I’ll offer to plunge a sink for a while now.

And this weekend I was back in West Ilsley to work at the pub and at a local villagers party which was fun. My boss Hayley is the loveliest ever. She made sure I was fed after work (pub food = yummy) and let me sty at hers in a big comfortable bed. So I am oh-so very fortunate. ^.^

Now, we are almost home as I’m staying at Will’s parents’ house tonight. I feel like I’m really starting to get to know the family and HOPEFULLY I’m becoming more of a friend rather than a guest. And I’m enjoying listening and picking up bits of Cantonese. I’ll be good soon.. Sometime.


this is the tune of the summer right now, for me anyway. – We Can’t Stop

I can’t believe I haven’t written a post for SO long! I think I was grumpy at tumblr for a while because I did write a post whilst we were in Wales and for some reason my phone didn’t upload it and it was lost forever.

Moving on.

In five days my family move to Calgary. We are at the stage where most of the house is boxed up and towering over us in the corner of the lounge and we’re just waiting. We’re going to take my cat to move her into my grandparents house over this weekend then we’re back to watch everything get loaded into the moving van on Tuesday. I can’t begin to explain how weird it is. How mixed up I feel and I know my mother and brother feel too. But their situation is slightly more relatable with people because quite a few move abroad these day. We’re going the opposite way to the crowd because it’s normally the student flying the nest and going anywhere they want to go with their parents staying in the same country.. let alone place. But my parents are flying and I’m the sitting duck. I love my life here, I love Nottingham, I love this village and I am going to miss it so much as a place to come back to, a place to call home.

And it’s in a moment like this I wish (selfishly) that all my friends lived a few doors down. That they’d just have to see me constantly to keep me busy because I’m not going to have my best friend of a mother to have around. I feel like this is a point in my life where I really have to be an adult. I don’t have my parents or Wheatfield Barn to run back to whenever I need or want to. Yes, I have many relatives and family friends who have so generously offered to have me but it’s not the same y’know? And it just makes me ponder when people ask me how it’s going because no matter what I say they won’t understand or read between the lines. Do they expect me to burst into tears constantly? Jump up and down ushering Mum out of the door because I want so much freedom? I do appreciate people asking and showing some kindness but sometimes I wonder “what’s the point in asking if you’re not interested in the question? Ask Mum because you care about her, don’t ask me just because it’s courtesy.” I guess that one’s expectations of people within their own circle can be floundered. And I’m fed up of being asked for the sake of it because it just stirs up it all up in the back of my mind again with no benefit of me letting what I really feel out.

I am sorry that this is quite a emotionally fuelled post but it’s a milestone. In a week’s time my life will be no different except that my parents are 4,000 miles away, I can’t message my mum before two in the afternoon because of the time difference but most importantly, it’s a big change that we can’t do things as a family easily anymore. It’s no longer the Evans Family. It’s split into two halves except for small amount of time I’m in Canada or they’re over here.

Oh well, life is an adventure.




Two weeks.

I remember the rainstorm in this picture on my last night in Hong Kong. We were about to watch the laser show but before we stepped out into the open a monsoon let loose above us. We managed to not get that soaked but it was hilarious watching many people with or without umbrellas running in hysteria for cover. It’s only rain. But it was a real feel good moment. If I had had Louise by my side and no expensive electronics it would’ve been the perfect moment for dancing in the rain. It was just awesome.

Right now I’m lying in one of the most comfiest beds at my grandparents house and I’m posting because it has hit the two week mark. Also, my body refuses to sleep.. I feel the pressure of university already looming even though it is still a week and a half away. I want to go back feeling so prepared even I surprise myself (easily done) but I have quite a few busy days so not much expendable time to become a genius. And we all know that doesn’t happen over night.  (and, yes, you can’t disagree with that. We’ve all had pre-exam dreams during the night before one that we’d wake up and boom! We know everything. And these dreams have yet to come true..)

I’ve just had a mind blank. So I’ll continue tomorrow. So much for being a language student when I can’t seem to think in english. Oh well.