tt&19: happy new year, folks!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope this year brings you health, happiness, and all the good things you want to achieve. Be mindful, love yourself and cultivate whatever atmosphere or opportunity that makes you happy.

It appears that the trend of not setting resolutions and goals for the first day of January has finally caught on with the mass population – on social media at least. Yet I love the messaging behind why this is changing and transforming as a social norm. Many of the published posts and stories include us recognising I certainly believe that the biggest changes are those that happen as instantly as flicking a light switch. You hear stories of people who give up smoking or other addictions in a millisecond and never having to wrestle with themselves for the rest of their lives. 

In Mandarin Chinese, they don’t have a word for resolution, but instead, use the word for ‘plan’ 计划 in the context of goal setting for the new year. I think that the idea of planning the year ahead, your next step, the next five minutes or five days, is a much better level of inspiration to live by than setting the bar high with a ‘success or failure’ goal. We don’t have to have our diaries and calendars constantly open with metres of to-do and should-have-done lists waiting to fill them. But we can plan to achieve something daily – be it taking the bins out to raising money for charity to trek the Great Wall of China (which some colleagues are doing at work!).

I am taking a step back with my celebrations this year. It has been really great to watch people celebrate as the International Date Line makes its way across the globe to hit Calgary and beyond. I was rather surprised to find that Sydney had already celebrated when I woke up at half past seven this morning! 2018 has been a real rollercoaster full of rather a number of twists, turns and a few bumps along the way. It has been a humbling year with an abundance of experiences, life changes and a lot of self-discovery. If I’m honest, as a year overall it has been one of my loneliest. I know that that the feeling comes from me, myself and I. It manifests itself through I perceive who I am to all those around me, my purpose of what I do every day, and how at times it seems that everyone is just over an arms reach away. I am glad that the New Year is a tradition that reminds us of the gratitude that comes with reflection about the year and that we can reset if we want to. 🧚

It’s a quiet New Year from Calgary this year. My brother is being the representative of the Evans Family and heading out to Cowboys – a club/casino – in town with George and a few other friends. Apparently, there are women dancing on the ceiling… maybe he did have a few too many last year? 🤨😛 I don’t have any resolutions ‘per se’. I do have a few plans to kickstart 2019 with energy, excitement and purpose. 

         🌻 find my weekly mojothroughout the whole of 2018, I muddled through every week without any routine or consistency with food, sleep, exercise and any other daily activity! I challenge myself to change this in 2019.

         🌻 be more sustainable – actively increase my role in looking after the environment by looking at what I consume (both food and materials) and adjusting to alternatives. 

         🌻 reconnect and communicate – there are so many experiences we should and can take advantage of with friends and family, near and far, create opportunities to have conversations and see each other face to face (when realistic).

2019 is a number that has a ring to it like it contains significance that it is a little more than just a year of activity and adventure. I have read a few predictions by journalists and field experts (on the internet so don’t quote me on this..!) where many of them are preempting disruption and chaos – both the good and the bad. I think it is going to be another full-on mad year but instead of the focus being on change and transformation, it will be about cultivation and development. I hope it is a year where we are building upon what we have created and let our efforts fuel experiences that warm our hearts and enrich our souls. I look forward to the adventures – including weddings and helping friends moving into their first houses – and a fresh year with TC 😊

So, my #wordoftheyear 2019:


   1. The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
   2. A person’s sense of resolve or determination.

   1. Have as one’s intention or objective.

I admit that this word instantly makes me think of Justin Bieber’s album – and fortunately, it is his best album 😆 – but the meaning of the word resonates with me the most right now. I have spent the past few years wrestling with my sense of inner purpose and what I should be. My life will undoubtedly continue to change but at this moment I feel that I am finally in a mental headspace to cultivate what I want to be.

Thank you for having us 2018, I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store.




One thought on “tt&19: happy new year, folks!

  1. Australia woke up to New Year some eighteen hours before you and here in England we were a mere seven hours ahead you. I’ve never been able to get my around this despite understanding perfectly how the world revolves! Happy New Year 🙂


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