O’Canada Part Two: Two Sides of the Mountains

It’s time for a road trip in the summer of 2017. Two, in fact. The first one I’m writing about is the trip we ventured on to see both sides of the mountain range that lines the border between the states of Alberta and British Columbia.

The West of the Rockies

The song ‘Go West’ springs my to mind as I type this. We bundled into the truck and hire car and headed south-west to a very tiny place called Jaffray. I can’t quite call it a town or village as it is more of a collection of lovely summer houses and cabins built near to and around a lake. It is as you may picture the open Canadian land and the cabin we stayed at is found up a dirt/stone track and surrounded by trees, fields, and mountains.

Unlike previous years, the hot summer of 2017 encouraged mosquitoes to become rather brave and extremely annoying. Between the seven of us, we easily used a few tubes and cans of repellents and creams. Despite the occasional feeling of being eaten alive, we had a good time. Not only were the little buzzy annoyances flying around in their scourges ( – that is the official term for a group of mosquitoes!), there were a lot of warnings about bears across Western Canada. One news bulletin showed a cyclist being chased by a bear down one of the highways! Luckily, a car managed to navigate itself between the bear and the cyclist to deviate the animal from his chase. Nevertheless, in our arrogance that we wouldn’t see any bears, we ventured on a few walks near and around Fernie. One walk took us to a small but roaring waterfall called Fairy Creek Falls, and easy loop higher up near the Island Lake Lodge. As you may have already guessed, we did not encounter such grizzlies but I admit the adrenaline from the potential danger is rather fun to experience. Instead of coming across carnivores, we managed to catch sight of a moose and her calf jumping over a fence into the wilderness! (Included in the photo slideshow below).

The East of the Rockies

The second adventure was to the more well-known and popular (touristy) area of the Rockie Mountains to Banff, Lake Louise and Emerald Lake.

Danny and I managed to climb to the Big Bee Hive at Lake Louise which was 13km trek  It was a challenge however extremely rewarding to have the view from the top. The hotel at the bottom of the lake is part of the famous hotel chain that runs along the TransCanada railway line that crosses Canada from east to west: the Fairmont. 

“Don’t climb mountains so that people can see you. Climb mountains so that you can see the world.”

The weather was very kind to us as we ventured up the mountains to see Emerald Lake which meant we couldn’t resist canoeing on the fresh icy blue water. It was such a relief to stick our hands and feet in the water under the beaming sunshine. The four days passed by in a blur (which makes it so difficult to recollect when I’m writing this eighteen months later…!) and it was fantastic to have my Aunt, Uncle and cousin with us on the trip. 

And now for another adventure… where I’m the driver behind the wheel! (Part Three coming up next)




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