harry potter world: omgyes

When a former housemate and one of my closest friends Dave revealed he had got a graduate job at Ocado based in Hatfield (Hertfordshire) last year, I yelled with excitement about two things:

  1. I totally get the delivery discount right?!
  2. that’s so close to the Harry Potter Studio Tours, we have to go!

On the 8th April, we made the second true. (I’m still waiting on a discount code Dave…)

It was one of those things that if you never book it, you’ll never get round to doing it. In January when both my diary and bank balance glowed with optimistic possibilities to go on adventures, I seized the chance. On Saturday around 12pm I got into my little Seat and drove 105 miles south to Hatfield. Only to find a Dave half-hanging out of his massive window in the unexpected “heatwave” of a weekend! Well, he wasn’t quite, but you can open his window fully and could easily climb out onto the roof of the lower floor in front of it… Anyway, back to the story!

Before the main event of the day, we went on a mini adventure to meet Chloe at Jarman Park (a big retail park) as I had not seen her in so long! Two Frankie and Benny’s garlic pizza breads later – not all consumed by me, may I add! – it was time to head on as our tickets were booked for 17:30 entry to the ‘Making of Harry Potter Studios’.

From the moment the large caramel (but not tasty looking) coloured huge warehouses that encased the Harry Potter Studies came into view, it was getting preeeeetty exciting! We parked up and trotted inside… and I feel like no one can prepare you for what lies inside. I don’t necessarily mean it’s the most stunning memorable place in the world, but I would be dumbfounded to hear if someone had had no reaction whatsoever to what lies inside the huge building. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

And it got better. I really hope everyone gets a chance to go! It’s a really unique experience and the detail that has gone into the creation of the Harry Potter-based attraction, let alone into the creation of all eight films!

I don’t want to say much more as I feel it is a place that must be kept in secret for all those who haven’t been. If I were to go again, my advice would be:

  1. No matter what people tell you, have a try of the Butterbeer.
    (If one of the queues are really long, you can order a Butterbeer from the side with sandwiches and get the drink in a minute rather than wait for ten!)
  2. Take a good camera – that may be a bit obvious… oops.
  3. I think no matter the time it’s gonna be busy! However, if you can, I feel like booking for the earliest (or second earliest) time in the morning gives you the best chance of getting to look at everything for a good amount of time. Possibly the evening times too, as it doesn’t close until ten.
    (And, hopefully, there’ll be fewer people taking photos of everything single thing around you.)
  4. Expect to be in there for three hours, Dave and I pretty much did and we didn’t rush ourselves at all!
  5. Get a chocolate frog.
    But don’t put it in the fridge like I did… (because chocolate tastes good cold). It is solid chocolate and I had to hack at it or gnaw on it like sweetcorn to get a bite. (Not a proud moment…)

Here are a couple of snaps of the adventure as I can’t resist adding them on here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dave, thank you for having me down in your neck of the woods! It was great to see you and I miss being your annoying housemate who crashes into your room, is an awful player on Star Wars, and for bossing you about like a witch mother. I can’t wait to move down to London to be closer to you, and all our other housemates. We’re gonna have fuuun!

Until next time,

One proud Hufflepuff 😀




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