an aussie, a brit on a nottingham adventure (aka being tourists)

A lazy morning was happily welcomed on the Sunday 11th December. Lisa hadn’t tried baked beans before so we excitedly made an English Breakfast.Well, sort of. We didn’t have any tomato or mushrooms or has browns or sausages…. oops.


But we were close enough! We even added a bit of salad to feel healthy. (One can dream.)

With the clock showing almost 1pm, Lisa and I got into my car and headed out on an adventure. Our first stop was the University of Nottingham Campus to show her how Ningbo looks as it does. We were layered up in warm clothes and walked around the lake and up the the iconic Trent building where we attempted to take an identical photo to one we took in Ningbo! 

Only one more campus to go… See you in Malaysia Lisa?

The second stop was Wollaton Hall, also known as Batman’s House in the Dark Knight Series. We walked up to the impressive building and around the gardens, stopping to take pictures of squirrels (for Lisa) and the Hall itself (for both of us). It was a short but sweet visit! From there we headed into Nottingham City Centre to see the Castle. Unfortunately it was a rather overcast day so the view from the Castle Rock wasn’t the prettiest. Nevertheless, we took the cheesy photo in front of the Robin Hood statue, headed to Ye Olde Jerusalem Inn that sits within the caves under the Castle. 

15595961_10153840095671706_381307795_oTo save ourselves from the cold we headed to the board game café called Ludorati. We ended up staying there for four hours playing games, including Machi Koro and Forbidden Desert (which is a co-operative game). If you haven’t been to a café like this, I recommend it! The amount of games on offer is awesome and the atmosphere is so lovely. Just after 7pm we headed to Revolución de Cuba for 2-for-1 cocktails and tapas! And we definitely had a feast! 

Two hours and a few brilliant and deep conversations later… it was bedtime. 

Wait, no. We loved the Forbidden Desert game so much that Danny bought it and we played another round once we got home. And we won this time! What a way to end a brilliant weekend. I love having the opportunity and the honour to show wonderful friends this country and the places I love. I am just too lucky 😀 

[ … ]

On Tuesday 13th December, Lisa and I headed to Sheffield for another short adventure. Sadly the rain decided to pour… however the city did have a couple of Christmas stalls and lovely lights so we did have a nice wander around. 

In front of the Sheffield Town Hall with Christmas lights behind us!

 And once the day was done, we relaxed at my house in Sheffield, watched some netflix and before long, our alarm was already buzzing for us to head to Sheffield train station… Her next stop was Edinburgh! 

15595628_10153840095771706_340184278_oIn only four short days Lisa had appeared and vanished off into a train heading northwards. Is it weird to say that I missed her Australian twang? (i.e. accent)

She’s reminded me of the adventures we had, the happiness we experienced and the people that surrounded us. Although you never expect someone to have such a profound affect on you… (even though I am one of her insta no. 1 fans, haha)

I’ve loved having her here and being reunited in person rather than through a screen. I’ve noticed how I’ve changed over the past year and however many days. It’s made me reflect rather a lot since (even though it’s only been a week since I saw her! & I’m seeing her again in four days…).

Thank you for inspiring me to be happy. To laugh, to smile, not just on the surface but deep down. Your bright and amazing spirit has reminded me of the quote: “don’t take life too seriously, otherwise you’ll never get out of it alive“. 

I hope all of you out there see some inspiration in the quote too. It’s meant to make you scoff a little, smile to yourself, and remember that happy is the best thing to be. 



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