reunion with a childhood friend #2: Sheffield

Part two starts with…

Monday rolling around. It’s the 10th October.

I’m going to take a moment to say how incredibly difficult starting this postgraduate master degree is. Lucy joined Lindsey, our friend who also came from the same village and school eighteen years ago, off on a little adventure to Bakewell in the Peak District. 

[insert fun and walking in the English countryside and eating delicious afternoon tea here]

I had a day at lectures and university. I’ve heard a lot of my friends, people I know, and new course mates that this “masters business” is not easy guys. I mean, heck I didn’t think it was going to be a walk in the park but at them moment, we are all in a lava pit where the ladder out is just a little out of reach. 

credit to heatherjane1995 on insta for this picture

However behind the piles of books and readings, the intense lists of mandarin characters about Tibetan culture and Chinese politics, the fresh and quirky pronunciation of the Korean language; it’s scary and exhausting but it’s worth it. I’m almost spoilt with the people who’ve visited me, people I’ve met so far and will continue to meet. I found this picture to the right and just had to share it. 😀 

moving on with the adventures of lucy…

They returned around six o’clock and I gave them a call after I finished a social cricket session I tried this week. We arranged to head to Revolución de Cuba for dinner and met at my house prior to going. It was a lovely evening filled with delicious tapas and good company and I cannot believe we have been reunited properly after so many years. I kinda have to thank Facebook for existing and making the reconnection possible. And to Lucy for choosing to make the effort to come and see us. She did it two years ago when I was in Madrid as part of my year abroad. Next time we need to go to her! (A good excuse to go to the land of Oz eh..? 😉 ) 

the photo quality is so bad 😦

From there, we went to one bar (where I had a whole pint of water…. party hard postgraduate haha!) then around eleven retired to home and gratefully to our beds. 

Living the university life, Lucy and I were awake early to get to campus for nine o’clock as I had lectures and she still has to finish her thesis for her masters. The joys of the dreaded “nine ams”. Three lectures, one mocha and a brownie (for me) later, Lindsey joined us and we headed into Sheffield city centre. In four hours we accomplished two things. 

  1. Eat lots of sushi. 
  2. Spontaneously (and crazily) get our ears pierced.

When you go abroad or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I feel that it’s common for people to say they want something to show for it. Normally it’s a certain picture or photo collage, an accessory or some people get tattoos. 

As I have never been keen on wanted nor will want to personally get a tattoo… piercing our ears is a lesser evil of the two. When I returned from my year abroad, my housemate Hannah and I had our ears pierced. This time, as doing a postgraduate degree is a one time experience (I am for sure never going to repeat this…), I just followed the two like a sheep. Well… maybe it was more Lucy and I following Lindsey. 

We all chose the helix (the top part of the ear) and managed to all go through with it. I managed to hum the ‘smurfs’ theme tune as a distraction to the kind lady holding a needle just so I didn’t make any other embarrassing sounds.

And voilá.  We now cannot sleep on our right sides for the next two months. Woohoo! 

Remind me why I thought this was a good idea…? 

We jumped in an uber, headed back to my house where Lucy basically sat on her belongings (as all desperate travellers do) so they would fit in her suitcase, and we headed off to Sheffield train station. 

Two visitors in a month have been bonkers and busy. Yet I’m over the moon that they came. As I waved tearfully goodbye to Lucy, I’m amazed at how two people [being us], who once stood on different sides of a back yard fence (guess who was in the cow field, yep, it was me (she chose well))… who went to ballet together, who were friends in a time where even just moving to another village could end a friendship… still see each other.

You are a kindred spirit my lovely, and until we meet again until the hot sunny rays of Australia (and remembering the sun cream), all my love to you on your journey back from home to home. 


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