Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend πŸš—

I hope when you read the title you think of the James Blunt song that I am quietly singing to myself as I write this post. I like to write posts about monumental events or significant points throughout my time as a student and in life in general. I guess I’m writing a little post as a dedication to my car which, as of today, has been written off.

Long story short, I had a little bump at a roundabout on my way to my temporary job in Loughborough and the front was dented with the number plate hanging at a wonky angle. The other party involved in the bump managed to secure it with a few white cable ties so the plate wasn’t going to fly off anytime soon. Although I did have the pleasure (and panic) of a policeman walking past my car and notifying me that the number plate was falling off… I just nodded foolishly and hoped he wouldn’t say anything else!

It was dropped off at the garage in Uttoxeter on Saturday 3rd September and this evening (Tuesday 6th) at exactly 16:36 I received a call to tell me that my car has been written off as the damages are deemed uneconomical to repair. At first, I thought the gentleman told me that the car has been lost. Upon asking him to repeat the sentence to me, it became clear he said “total loss”. For those who don’t know this term, it is another way of saying that the car has been written off but not based on the car is completely un-drive-able.

Then the shock hit. I know a lot of people have been in all kinds of bumps. But I genuinely expected for the phone call to proceed as following:

Gentleman: “Hello, I’m calling to say that your car will be repaired ahead of schedule and you’re welcome to come and pick it up on Friday”

Happy Me: “Fantastic, thank you, I will be there!

I’m writing a blog post because that car has been my best friend over the past three years. You hear about people marrying inflatable or pizza… I’m not quite at that stage but this black vehicle with a slightly bumped left wing mirror , that had a wheel stolen for no apparent reason, that has been a very likely candidate to be a makeshift bed numerous times, that has carted my friends and I wherever we go (late night Tesco trips), and has driven across this country more times than I can attempt to count… In small words:Β I’m gutted.

In my hectic lifestyle, it has been my one constant. I can’t explain how that feels to me. Nor did I expect to be so attached to a car. It is my little home that has carried me safely from place to place, covering many miles and let me have such an amazing time at university.

So buy-bye baby. I’m going to miss stalling (not often) and going on adventures with you.


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