you’re better than you think you are


Working and studying simultaneously during a really stressful exam period in your final year of university isn’t the easiest thing to do. Of course that’s why I’ve ended up doing it. I love doing things the hard way. Not on purpose of course, but I swear I never leap for the easy option. It turns out I quite like a challenge instead…


As I sat on a Paisley (and comfortable) sofa today in front of one of my very wise lecturers, I felt as if I was in a little lonely canoe rowing upstream a roaring river.

But this post isn’t a woeful one. At least, I’m not going to let it be.

A few hours later, during my break at work, I found myself sat outside on the bench of the University Park Sports Centre enjoying the fresh air and couldn’t help but watch a guy doing a few exercises on the outside training equipment. (I’m not meaning to sound creepy but the equipment is directly opposite me..) He wasn’t doing anything particularly strenuous: just a few press ups and a few box jumps among other things.

Yet it reminded me that it is the little things that count in life whether they be done daily or across the entire span of our existence. I thought about how he could be in the gym “pumping iron”, running on the treadmill for a ridiculous amount of time, or joining a sports class. But nah, that’s too complicated, too pressurising, or just not his thing. However, he could easily have the same goals as everyone who walks through the doors of the sports centre: to get fit. I’m not trying to analyse his life too deeply but my curious mind wandered and compared this small scenario to what we’re faced with during our studies. I was told today I tend to overthink and that instead I should just let it flow. I should trust in myself that it’s going to be ok.. more than ok!

This guy who may do a few exercises a day or a week will achieve what he wants in his own time. His box jumps are like me reading a Spanish article a day, his press ups similar to when I write out characters. He keeps it simple. Even though ‘simple’ is a word I’ve never seemed to master either (I somehow prefer to live in chaos), I feel I’ve learnt something profound today. Over these past few months I’ve done these little things towards my final exams, I’m still doing them, therefore it seems my professor is right… I’m going to be okay.

And so is everybody else. We got this guys!

21 days to go and I know I’ll miss all this the minute I skip out of my final exam at 6:30pm on the 26th May in the direction of the nearest cocktail bar.

Yet for now… just remember to dance around your room, sing in the shower, take advantage of this extraordinary British weather for ten minutes… or do whatever you wanna do! Go wild! (I know I’m crazy.)

Lots of love to you all.



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