52 Cups of Coffee – a worthwhile read

I haven’t posted in a while and I keep chastising myself! For me, I’m pressing the reset button on 2016 for this coming Monday, a year can start in February right…? Today is my ‘to-do-list’ day. I have a lengthy list of jobs and chores I have been needing to sort and this is my chance to get it all done and organised before the term officially commences tomorrow.

This January has been bonkers hectic. I have to use two ridiculous adjectives to convey how busy it has been. For starters, I was in Montréal (which is a blog post I still need to upload) and from the moment I landed on British soil I don’t think I have stopped.

Between the 11th and the 23rd January many of the UK universities had an exam period which probably meant McDonald’s and Dominoes Pizza’s both must have seen a rise in sales for a short period… I had two, both being Mandarin, and they went… ok. I like to be honest on this blog because it’s a record for me, and I don’t see the point in just (almost) pretending that all is splendid. It was tough and it seems to be that the uphill struggle has just got harder – but that’s the same for everyone in final year right?

After exams I was busy socialising. Georgia, Lindsey & Chloe have paid a visit to see me (and sometimes Dave) which has been SO lovely. I really appreciate that they take the time to come up and we have a chance to catch up amongst the chaos. I’ve also met more people in the space of four days than I did in the Autumn semester! This is because of a guy called Danny. I guess the story about this guy is…. We met at a Halloween Party last year and out of that we became friends and now, we’re together. It’s a short story really – I remember him being really chatty at the party and thinking “alcohol has magic powers”, only to then realise that the next time I saw him, he doesn’t need alcohol as he talks that much anyway. He knows pretty much everyone. After exams he moved into my house with me until the weekend because he was moving out of his old one. Unfortunately, timing would have it that Danny is heading to Ningbo for the Spring Semester so his parents were coming the following Saturday. However on the upside – how do I phrase this? – it’s a good thing for both of us that we’re having our own adventures and we’re staying together 🙂

Anyway, I’m babbling now, I met many of his Economics and other friends, we went for a few cups of tea, a night and a lunch with his old housemates and a few other meals etc. It was a little weird for me that I was meeting a lot of these people yet it was likely I was not going to ever see them again. Isn’t life weird? It shows how little we all know about the world and the people in it and that there are SO many stories to be heard. When I meet people, my favourite question is to ask “so what’s your story?” 

It opens the conversation up from the small talk, it lets someone talk about things they are doing, what they love, what’s important to them, but isn’t forcing them into conversation. I didn’t realise that my dad sometimes does the same… When Danny and him were on FaceTime (I was busy sorting out my room so I gave the phone to Danny), Dad just went, “so what’s your story?”. Although, when Danny repeated the question, my typical father started “Ah, well I was born in Africa…” and started at the beginning! I was thinking. “Blimey dad, he doesn’t need your life history… 50 years will take up a few hours!”

Alas, if you’re ever in need of a conversation starter when you meet new people, it’s a good one to whip out whether you’re struggling or not. It gives you the time to listen if you prefer that, but also a chance to speak.

In the next 16 weeks (that’s all we have left folks) I need to become the bookworm. I’m just going to follow my friend Helen around because she is the best ‘good little student’ I have ever met. However, I am dying to blog more, and feel the only way that is excusable whilst I’m living in libraries and reading intellectual books is to post about languages. I’ve half worked out a plan… but it’s how I am going to put it in action that I need to figure out.

The last thing I have to say for today is: what is the reason for titling this post as so: 52 Cups of Coffee – a worthwhile read ?

It’s the book I’m currently reading and it is inspiring. The author, at the time of writing it as it was started as a blog, was in the exact same position as all us final year students. Her goal was to sit with 52 different people that she’d never met across the year and have a cup of coffee with them. During each cup, she’d hear about their lives and learn how they reached where they are today. Essentially it’s 52 life lessons that can help and encourage us to start to understand and know what we ourselves want. I’m only on cup 18 and I find the entire read really exciting and motivational right now! So if you’re interested, have a little look: http://www.52cups.com/

For now my friends, I bid you adieu. The printer isn’t working and nothing is stopping me on this productive day!

Lots of love,



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