My return to the UK: 06.01.16

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve spent the past week with Michael in Montreal and it has been amazing. I can’t express how fun an adventure it was and nor can I believe how lucky I was to have that opportunity! He was the best tour guide and knew so much about Montreal! I feel like I now need took and learn a heck of a lot of local and national history of my country now… But for now… Thank you michael 😘


Montréal: New Year’s Eve
Montréal: on the islands
Montréal Botanical Gardens
Montréal reunited with Thomas and Eric
Montréal: the sun is out!
Montréal: the view from Mont Royal
I’ve landed back in the UK (at 7:30am which was dire) and had four hours to kill before my train from London St Pancras Station to Nottingham. The flight was easy really although it’s become deathly boring to fly alone. There were a lot of babies on the plane and although I understand the parents have the worst job when they’re crying…. man alive, at some points I desperately wanted some fairy godmother to appear with earbuds. I managed to catch about just over an hours worth of sleep which was a small achievement. The highlight of the flight was the guy next to me (we only spoke when I needed to get up for the bathroom) because he gave me a small little self-crafted flower out of a paper towel/a napkin. How cute! How the small things make the world go round 😄 He’s from Winnipeg and is travelling to London to attend a Magicians Convention to hopefully be able to train to be a professional soon. Pretty cool hey?

Anyway, back in London… The underground took about an hour and a bit but that did leave me with a wad of time to kill! Oh well, nothing free wifi can’t solve 😉 

So at 1:15pm I have just got home in Nottingham. My housemates seemed pretty happy to see me so that was lovely! I have had a whirlwind of travel, adventures and Christmas over the past three weeks that I feel the need to recover from. Surely that was what the last three weeks were for right? Well, oops. I have two exams next week so will be studying for those like crazy and basically need to turn Asian in the space of five days!

I hope you’ve all had a great start to New Years. I think it’s been a tricky one really. My mum dropped her phone in the bath but luck smiled down on her as the “rice trick” worked. Let’s see how long the phones holds out though! (I’m not jynxing it!) and I’ve just been hit with a bit of homesickness.  

Montreal has been so amazing and it was incredible to have the opportunity of being reunited with Michael even though we only met in China almost a year ago. This trip has hit some home truths though. I’ve started the year in “limbo”. Nothing leading up to 2016 has been certain at all. I keep doing tarot cards every now and again (I love them but don’t worry, I don’t live by them) hoping that I’ll have a breakthrough. All they’ve told me is I have a crucial decision to make as university comes to a close in the late spring and I’m just thinking: well no shi# Sherlock! I find it quite interesting that so many people have said “I can feel this year I going to be a big one.” because I completely agree. It’s like there’s an unspoken message in the wind that keeps reminding us that it is a year of action and of the unexpected. The one thing that I think has become very clear to me, embarrassingly enough when I was freaking out about one of my essays with my dad, was that I’m not ready to leave the UK just yet. (I know, I’ve just got back too hahah)

Don’t get me wrong, I really really really want to move to China to start a life there. However I don’t think I’m actually ready. It’s struck me quite hard because I wholeheartedly want to achieve the one dream I have of moving to Asia but I don’t want to start it on the wrong foot. The freak out showed me that my emotional ties to the UK are stronger than I thought. In some ways it also makes logical sense too. I actually like being on the same time zone as my friends & my grandparents. Everyone else can go travel and send me a message when they can… But I just want to stay cosy in my little town of Nottingham for now… 

I haven’t worked out just yet what my plan is once I graduate. Yet I don’t feel the need to know that immediately. I’ve learnt that everything will work out in the end, and planning something that is a key turning point in your life is not something to be done out of fear. I’m fearful of being a floundering fish with nowhere to call permanently home from July onwards, but that can’t define what my next steps need to be. I’m applying for various different jobs, experiences etc and I’ll see what turns out trumps.

My long winded babble is basically me just talking to myself on this long plane journey home (it’s a night flight and my mind just won’t shut up and sleep). Y’know when you just have to let your train of thought just run until it’s satisfied? That’s this post. I guess it’s one in which I, ultimately, just want to express that I don’t want to feel lonely anymore. The definition of lonely in this case is: changing environments so often that I don’t feel at home and that I don’t have any consistency in life. My family and friends are always far away because I am, and I don’t want to feel like that anymore. 

This makes me sound like I’m ready to settle down for good but that is SO not true! It’s more than that: I’m ready to put the brakes on for the next little while to be ready to move to China in the next two years rather than half a year. 

I’m still a “yes man” for sure! I guess I just needed to write all that to remind me. I hope the rest of you are feeling inspired by the turn of the new year too. A work friend has started a “get fit and healthy” blog aiming to achieve exactly that this year and I think it’s fantastic. Especially because it’s an inspiring thing to do and I can’t wait to see what the next few months will bring for him.

Now I’m off to enjoy a long awaited cosy date with my bed. Have a good rest of the week everyone! 



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