New Year’s resolutions are getting more and more forgotten about as the years go on because it seems that the excitement and novelty has long worn off. Why? Lord knows. To be honest, probably (and I’m generalising here) it is our lack of conviction and being able to say “oh i’ll do it later” or “well, I was meant to start last Monday… so, next Monday it is!” It’s also seen as over-rated now. My parents both groaned at the fact that someone had posted an article about “the happier and healthier you!”. Although too many companies exploit our innocent deep down desires to achieve our versions of ‘perfect’… It is true that we all deserve to be genuinely happy.

This year, for me anyway, I’m not allowed to use ‘later’ unless it is really unrealistic to get whatever is happening done in that particular moment. This ranges from doing the typical “eat healthy and go to the gym” to writing that blog post or taking an hour to watch an episode of a tv show I’ve been missing… or getting all this studying done for my final semester 😉

2015 was my ‘yes man’ year and I think I’ve succeeded at embracing that concept with flying colours… It is a resolution really worth trying. For some inspiration, watch Jim Carey’s film (appropriately titled:) ‘Yes Man

The point ‘Yes Man’  was to try new things and occasionally step out of my comfort zone but mostly to start saying yes to myself. The stress, anxiety & general negativity  we are all put under no matter our age, location, career etc. is enough to sink more ships that would fit in our vast oceans. Some of us are affected greatly by it and others always manage to view the ‘glass as half full’. Yet even for the most positive of people, I feel the ‘Yes Man’ concept actually gives ourselves a chance to love who we are. Exactly how we are. I’m not saying that I now have the highest self-confidence on the planet and never have a problem with life, but have definitely learnt to love life as it is. And saying yes to it has made it more possible to see the boundless opportunities open to us.

So 2016 is putting the good and positive to action. It’s going to be a busy year. Everyone in my student house is graduating and joining the rest of our friends in the working adult world (which is scary so how about no…?)  and my parents await the Canadian Government’s decision of whether to invite them to be permanent residents or not. Eeeeek.

In short, this is a post for me to write down the highlights of my year. Just so in moments when I feel a bit disheartened or I’m just flicking through this blog, I am reminded by the abundance I am so flipping blessed to have.

China: anyone who follows this blog or knows me will know I freakin’ love this country. But to be more particular, here are the big highlights in the first six months of the year…

> The first full on day trip and night out that followed in Laowaitan with everyone new and meeting each other.. we were drunk and daaancing. :’)

> The spontaneous adventure Luis and I took to Zhangjiajie (and a few other places) with the drama of our flight booking being wrong, walking on a glass floor attached to a side of the cliff.. and watching Luis almost completely lose his shiz when the long awaited McDonald’s at the top of a 1500m mountain was closed the one day we were up there.

> My final meal with all the wonderful friends I had in Ningbo: there were fourteen of us and everyone I invited came. I never expected it and felt absolutely fantastic that all of us could come to together and have a great evening at the Grandma’s House Restaurant. This led to a group of us heading up onto the rooftop of building 18 on campus which was wonderful

> My spontaneous trip to Seoul with Luis to see Sooguen and Jisoo… the entire week was just incredible. My favourite part was walking along the Han River for hours chatting about any and everything with Luis 😀

Then I headed to Calgary to spend the summer with my family. It was lovely to actually spend longer than a few weeks with them and get to see more of Western Canada. My friend Christine also made the trip out which was amazing and I’m really fortunate that she did that 😀

Eventually I landed back in the homeland: the UK. These past four months have flown so quickly that I don’t even know how I can fit it all in in a few sentences! But the main highlights of many have been… 

My reunion party with friends from sixth form and university when I returned to Nottingham!

Meeting and making new mandarin course friends who have turned out to be fantastic people that I love spending time with. 🙂

The reunion of my Spanish coursemates has actually been amazing, I feel like I’ve seen them more than I did in second year and that in itself makes me happy.

This year I’ve committed to going to mandarin society and it has meant I’ve met way more people who are honestly some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met, it all started with a Halloween night out at Eden’s and then to see the Nottingham christmas lights; followed by a night out in coco tang… with mandarin society every Tuesday of course! (it’s not just nights out mum, i do actually go to university too 😉 )


There’s so much I haven’t mentioned but I don’t want to just waffle on and on when all I really want to say is…

I knew 2015 was going to be a good year in general, but never expected for it to be as incredible as it has turned out to be. I started it with my resolution as “be a yes man” and I think I’ve done it justice..! I can’t fit in all the pictures of year to show HOW wonderful the people in my life have made it… So this will just have to suffice…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To all those I’ve been on adventures with, the amazing friends who no matter the time difference are always there for me, my family and all those I’ve met on the way: thank you for everything. I hope 2016 brings you all happiness, luck & loving life 😉 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE // FELIZ AÑO NUEVO A TODOS // 祝大姐新年快乐 // 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Lots of love xo.





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