Happy Sunday Everyone! 

Si el camino que sigues es difícil, es porque vas en la dirección correcta.

If the path you follow is difficult, it’s because you’re going in the right direction.

To start, a quote I found a year ago that has re-appeared and I just find it so fantastic, I had to share it again!

So it’s a Sunday morning and I’m lying in bed in a thick hoodie, thick pyjama bottoms and socks because it’s below freezing in the UK already. It’s the first day in a while that I’ve booked myself in a for lie in as I’ve had a very busy few weeks starting my new job as a Sports Assistant at the Univeristy sports centres. As well as working for the Univeristy as an Ambassador, going to lectures and fitting in what I am supposed to be doing in fourth year: studying.
When I first went on to Facebook this morning (as the majority of people do..) I saw a friend had shared a post about ‘learning languages the hard way’. The article made sense, was clear and I agreed with the fact that to learn a language, you need time. However it completely criticised the use of textbooks and apps for self study for anyone who has a go at picking up a language. The author of the article is correct about the face that the use of time is key in learning a language. It is “a skill, not a subject”. But instead of finding it inspiring, I found it to be a sales pitch…. It was slamming the use of products like Rosetta Stone (as they are quite expensive I agree) but then promoting reading his book about “learning languages the hard way”. This polyglot dude, who yes may have had a lot of success with his blog: sensiblechinese.com, is basically preaching that we read his book.

Do you know what mate? We already know that languages is flipping difficult. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a decrease in students studying it for GCSE, A-Level etc would we? I wouldn’t have to go into schools and share my passion for these languages I love. ARGH.

I apologise but he really got my goat (an english expression for annoying me) (… I hope that’s the correct expression I’ve used..)

ANYWAY. In short, I’m ranting about this because I found it was just a sales pitch. I know he’s not exactly selling anything, rather giving us a free resource. And it may be inspiring to some people but writing a book in which the first step is to “speak to people [in the chosen foreign language]” is just bonkers. I shouldn’t assume but I believe that most people reading this book would be inspired in that moment but when it comes to finding people to speak to, or practice with, it is beyond daunting! Thus, the use of apps and programmes such as Rosetta Stone (there are many free/cheaper ones online now) are necessary to find people to communicate with or build up the speaking confidence in the first place!

I apologise for the rant but I didn’t feel inspired. Instead, the emotion was slightly  bullied by the article.

Feel free to have a read for yourselves and see what you think and I’d love to know if you feel different to me! 😄 I have signed up to the email mailing list and will see what it turns out to be…



Day trip to London for Dave’s birthday


On a happier note, final year is a blast. It’s exhausting and time is passing way too quickly… We only have three weeks left of this semester: WHAT!? But I am loving life.

As I am a people person… I am genuinely like a kid at Christmas with all the new people I’ve met and am spending time with this semester. I’m not going to name them because it’s just too… Cheesy/soppy?Anyway; the people I’ve met at mandarin corner and in my mandarin class (and some others who I’ve just met and come to know) have really made being back in the UK fantastic. I was worried that I’d come back and find life difficult without the friends who have already graduated being here. The irony is that I feel like I’ve seen them more often in the past two months than I did in the two years of us living together! The saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” must be true…

Yes, final year is stressful and scary. The workload is high and daunting. I definitely have done more preparation for my essays than I’ve ever done in my life. But, this may sound strange, I’m so grateful to my tutor (shoutout to Kapcia right now) for keeping me sane. The few moments where I have almost lost it and wanted to hit the “eject” button, he put me back on the straight and narrow. We have to have time to relax, to do something good for our sanity, to give our bodies a break from the effects of ridiculously high stress levels. I have to remind myself that I’m so lucky compared to so many with what I have in my life. And I am beyond happy for it all.☺️


with my girlies in london, Georgia & Chloe


“you’re a wizard harry” – kings cross station with Alice and Hannah


London meal for Dave’s birthday


Chloe’s visit to Notts


Nottingham decorated in Christmas lights!
  Another McDonald’s date with Luis

A Friday evening involving ridiculously spicy chicken wings and good company ☺️
Happy Sunday everyone,

Big love!



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