Final Year Commences…

I feel as if I haven’t written on this blog in an incredibly long time and have decided to write a quick “in the moment” post as a break from Spanish revision. I already have an assessment on Tuesday (4th October) that I am dreading. It’s too soon! As a language student I am definitely feeling the pressure to whack out the perfectly formed sentences showing off my fluency that I was meant to have gained on this year away. But truth would have it that I haven’t been the most proactive language student on the planet. I haven’t technically studied nor spent a good amount of time on my Spanish since last December. And man, I am feeling it!

To all other language students out there, keep it up! Even when you think your capability can’t have lowered in a month (let alone ten months), you’re probably wrong. It’s the horrible truth. Nevertheless, it is definitely obvious that those who’ve come back from their year abroad passionate about one or all of their languages aren’t scared to give it a try. For example, I would rather spend all week in laborious Chinese language classes than a day of Spanish classes. It is not that I now never want to use Spanish ever again however I just don’t enjoy the nitty-gritty arduous classes about the difference between ‘por’ or ‘para’ etc anymore. Yet if you stick the worst Chinese grammar lesson in front of me, I’d sit there until I completely understood it. Again, this just proves to myself that China is the land for me. Another friend of mine has expressed she feels the same as me yet her favourite language is German. Yet, despite that, we are all happy to be back in the land of the University of Nottingham.

Many other “year abroad-ers” have expressed the great feeling of being back somewhere for a good length of time and owning an wardrobe that only has to packed up once in July next year. As Nottingham is a familiar city for all of us, we feel we’re coming back prepared, settled and comforted by the fact that we know everything here. We’re temporarily on our home turf. And it is good.

However as we’ve just all had a year of freedom, the idea of real exams and assessments feels like we’ve accidentally signed up to hiking up Mount Everest with only a week of training. Yay?

There is a very powerful and stressed atmosphere hanging in the air and I am trying my best to not let it spread to me. It’s just like trying to avoid catching the ‘freshers’ flu’ which is particularly difficult! Nonetheless on Thursday my housemates and I went to the Nottingham Goose Fair (a Fun Fair).

The fair dates back more than 700 years. The Goose Fair started as a trade event and enjoyed a reputation for its high-quality cheese, although it is now known for its rides and games. Its name is derived from the thousands of geese that were driven from Lincolnshire to be sold in Nottingham.  — We have a lot of geese in Nottingham. The university has even raised this particular breed of geese on the Nottingham Ningbo Campus in China! — Originally, the fair was held on 21 September, but in 1752, with the change to the Gregorian calendar, it moved to early October. The duration of the fair was shortened from eight days to three days in the 1800s.

Source: Wikipedia (hehe)


It was fantastic fun. The colourful lights of all the rides and stands and the smell of all kinds of fun fair food gave us all an excitable buzz. Hannah and I also went to a House Party of our friend Luis then onto a night out for Internationals! The best thing about that night was that we could get stickers of the countries flags to indicate to everyone else what languages we speak! It was really fuuuun.

I haven’t written about all the little things from this week but it has been an absolute rollercoaster. I’ve definitely learnt to only surround yourself with positivity, happiness and those who are true to you and vice versa. It does sound pretty deep but going into final year, we all need all the good we can get! I wish everyone in their final year good luck! It’ll going to be fun! πŸ˜‰

When I actually have a moment, I will be adding quite a few posts! Another app-review, my first posts in Chinese and Spanish.. and something else if I get it to work haha.

Lots of love.


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