Lisa and Georgie's Food Review: Kunming

Lisa and I are travelling together for three weeks and we’ve decided to eat our way around China! 

To give you an idea of what we mean by our ratings:

0 out of 10 – we will never eat again

5 out of 10 – average snack that we’d eat if it was the lesser of two evils

8 out of 10 – really good and delicious

10 out of 10 – “I’m just going to go ahead and buy five, that’s not crazy right?” 


味道 – flavour

小吃 – it’s quality as a snack, is it a snack we’d have again?

外貌 – aesthetics (appearance)

菜 – it’s quality as a dish, would we have it for dinner again

Here we go… 

詳芋粑粑 – xiangyubaba


Lisa and I:詳芋粑粑

  This snack is basically a fried potato covered in spices and spring onion. “What can go wrong with a fried potato?” – Lisa. It was made by mashing potato up and flattening it in a large ladle so it is moulded into a thin shallow cup. Then it is fried in hot oil, once cooked you can pick a range of sauces. We picked one that was a little spicy that had chilli powder and spring onions. It was delicious. I expected the potato to feel stodgy in my stomach however it was really light and felt like we were eating one chip. Despite being submerged in oil, we couldn’t taste it at all! Overall, this was a mouthwatering snack that we would have eaten many of if we weren’t having dinner so soon. We really fought the urge to buy another one! The only thing that stopped me was the large queue that waited for one when we came out of a restaurant.

9 out of 10 小吃

10 out of 10 味道

9 out of 10 外貌


万丝饼 – wansibing 

This is a round flat pastry. It is made by coiling the pastry around itself which is then fried and left to cool. We had he option of sweet or savoury and opted for sweet. The pastry was dense and stodgy and left quite a floury taste on our tongues. It was also quite crispy and dry, and we felt there was something missing such as Nutella or honey to add any sort of flavour. It dries out your mouth if you continue eating it without having a break. Overall, it was an utter disappointment and didn’t give us a pleasurable eating experience at all!

0 out of 10 小吃

0 out of 10 味道

4 out of 10 外貌

过桥米线 – guoqiaomixian

This is a famous Yunnan province dish called ‘Over the Bridge Noodles’. 

Georgie: The method of cooking is similar to hot pot so it was a nice change to be able to cook it ourselves. The chicken and pork combination both taste really good, tender and well cooked. The flavour of soup is basic but tasty as it uses basil, coriander and a tad of mint. Very happy we shared despite having snacked too… Overall, despite the fact that I would prefer rice over noodles any day, it was a yummy dish I would happily eat again. 

Lisa: The meal came in lots of little dishes, and then came the steaming bowl of soup. Chucked it all in and tadah! Dinner. This reminded me of Vietnamese Beef noodle soup cooking method, but has totally different flavours. Everything was cooked just right, smooth rice noodles and all in a salty, subtly herby soup base. A great respite from the oily, spicy food I’ve had so far.

7 out of 10 菜

Lisa: 7 out of 10 味道

Georgie: 6 out of 10 味道

Before we combined it (as this is what it is known for) 6 out of 10 外貌

玫瑰花鮮餅 – meiguihuaxianbing

This little gem of a snack is a Rose Pastry. It’s a small round pastry bun filled with a soft mixture that we couldn’t quite work out. Each one looked really good, cooked evenly and almost a perfect circle shape. The pastry is flaky and paper thin but not dry nor dense. The inside was filled really well with the mixture and had a bold purple colour. The flavour of the rose is subtle yet delicious. The whole thing is not too sweet and well balanced. We can imagine that if you have too many, the flavour could become too rich. The appearance is really good but it could have a little decoration (we don’t really know what to suggest) because it is very basic. Overall, it is a refreshing, yummy snack that you don’t get every day. “It would be perfect to have with your afternoon tea.” – Lisa

8 out of 10 小吃

8 out of 10 味道

8 out of 10 外貌

And that’s Kunming folks!