The beginning of the end: Shanghai

So. To sum up this trip. I have managed to spend seventy five kuai on a night out (only eight British pounds actually but it feels like a lot in kuai!), have lots of small packets of chocolate raisins spread across my bed, make a Puerto Rican friend (according to his wechat profile) and realise that Chinese alcohol turns me into a crazy drunk texter (that I never was before) to a few friends back home. 

China. I think we’re good.
The whole Notts lot have come to Shanghai for two days to, one, celebrate Juliet’s 21st birthday, and two, have our first and last trip together as an eight. We left on Thursday 14th) evening and happily arrived at our hostel in Shanghai at nine in the evening. Once unpacked we say in the bar area and had a drink. One bonus of Shanghai: diet coke! Then we crashed for the night knowing that Friday was going to be a long day.
Ironically almost all of us didn’t sleep well at all. Nevertheless we all pulled ourselves out of bed prepared to take on the silk market and buy more things! We spent two hours an a half there. It was a successful trip! Slightly damaging to the poor bank balance but I now need nothing else. (I was mostly buying little gifts!)
We are accustomed to squatting when we're waiting! We are quite sinified....
We are accustomed to squatting when we’re waiting! We are quite sinified….
Then, we did one of the most amazing things I have done in a while. Go to an M&S café and eat a proper real normal delicious incredible prawn and mayonnaise baguette. We all sat there in mutual unspoken agreement that spending the extra few kuai to eat something this good was so worth it. Juliet, Becky and I also got a chocolate cookie each. HEAVEN. Once we had had our moment of being back in the western world, we dragged ourselves back to the Chinese world.
Unfortunately I didn’t see the Bund this trip. It was raining the whooole day so it wouldn’t have been very pretty anyway. However Louise and I, when we came, had walked along it in the pouring rain and it had been amazing. Instead we went to a market in People’s Square station before heading to a well renowned restaurant to eat famous Shanghai dumplings: 小龙包! The restaurant was very nice and this meant it was pricey. Even though the dumplings were delicious, the price still had our jaws on the floor for a while! Nevertheless, it was worth it. I didn’t actually eat them because I wasn’t in the mood for dumplings. I know this is bonkers that I didn’t eat them, but I just wanted rice and veg; which is what I did.
It was already seven o’clock by the time we left the restaurant. We got back to the hostel close to eight o’clock and had a moment of rest before starting to get ready for our night out. I ended up showering twice because at first I didn’t want to wash my hair… But then, as it wasn’t behaving itself, I decided to wash it. (Random fact for you all…) We all went to one of our two hostel dorms at around ten and the drinking commenced. To be honest, I can’t remember half the night. (Sorry grandparents!) but I know we had fun! Some were worse for wear than others this morning… Fortunately I haven’t had horrible hangovers here, I’ve been able to bounce out of bed most of the time.
So having spent most of our money,  experienced the first proper western meal and environment I’ve had in aaaages, and another place ticked off the list.. Ningbo is calling. We only have three more full days left together. This year abroad has flown too fast.  However it has been fantastic. And thankfully isn’t over yet! Plus, it’s my birthday in under a month so YES! Twenty one! 🎂
Good luck to all my friends completing their degrees this year. You’ll be free of work and exams soon! Big love to all my friends and family 🙂