Back in Beijing (we made it!)

The title says it all. Even though we’re now sat on a coach in very upright seats on our way to the Great Wall and silently wishing we were in bed, we are here! The aftermath of having the wrong train ticket panned out to us choosing to buy the cheapest plane ticket due to leave at 22:40 from Qingdao. Thus in an ideal world arriving at our hostel at around half past twelve in the morning. Alas, no. We spent the first two hours of the many we had to kill in a coffee shop, then the next one and a half in a restaurant that turned out to be pricier than the one before security. Then the next two wondering if we were actually going to fly on the 29th (yesterday night). They were hardly announcing updates for our flight. The only thing we had as reference to knowing anything about our flight was a white board scribbled on in messy characters. The ETA of our plane was constantly ‘undertermined’. Eventually it was announced at 23:30 that we were to fly at 00:50. Ergh! So we decided to find empty rows of chairs and sleep. I didn’t because I offered to take the first watch to let the others sleep, Hayden and Luis hadn’t managed to all day so they were almost falling over. 

Finally I saw our plane pull in and in no time we were boarding. It was a pretty quick turn around for a flight, I was quite impressed! Although a little bumpy, we all tried to sleep during our hour in the air. By this point I was struggling to keep awake. However the seats weren’t comfortable in the slightest so I have no idea how good a sleep I got. We arrived and got on a bus to take us to the terminal. The airport is sooo massive!! Once we got our bags, we caught a taxi and finally arrived near the hostel. As there was a McDonald’s in sight, Hayden bought some chicken nuggets and I cheekily bought a burger. Then we headed to the hostel. It’s the same hostel I stayed in almost with years ago when I came to Beijing with my lovely friend Louise. The street that led us to it wasn’t well lit and didn’t make the others feel entirely comfortable.. Yet walking along it made me feel excited to be back here 😊 

We crashed in our beds at 4am. Our alarms set at 6:30am.

To the Great Wall of China, here we come!


Ps. Sorry for the short and uneventful post, I just wanted to update you while I had a paper moment (and am awake enough to write sentences…)