I am the type of person that one would call a "drama magnet"


It’s the third day in Hong Kong (counting Saturday even though I didn’t arrive until around five in the evening). And the boredom of a broken foot has hit me.The shot of relief that washed over me in the hospital on Friday has worn off. My foot is healing well but what am I doing expecting a miracle now? It’s lovely to be here. The weather has been lovely and we had a barbecue on the roof terrace yesterday. The idea of two short flights of stairs did not restrain me from partaking in a yummy lunch with the rest of the family. Although it is quite smoggy here at the moment the temperature averages at seventeen degrees which isn’t cold compared to the weather in Ningbo.

View from the balcony in Hong Kong
View from the balcony in Hong Kong


For lunch we decided to sit up on the roof terrace for a barbecue lunch of hot dogs and burgers which was lovely. The kids were running about chasing each other and I loved sitting in the sun after being in the cold for so long!

The only other negative that is clouding my happiness is that I have a horrible cold & cough. Rachel had a cough last week and as I spent a lot of time with her (as she was my chauffeur!) I think I’ve caught it. It is not a petty cough either but a loud hoarse one. It means that I can’t be near the children because I don’t want to poison them and be the reason a whole bustling household of people becomes quarantined from the outside world. I think it has also weakened my body in the whole healing process too. Despite glugging down (not literally) some cough medicine and having lemon and honey in some hot water, my body is hating having to fight two things at once. Yesterday I had two naps! Two! I never sleep in the day. The only times I do is when I am seriously ill. Flippin’ heck world!


I didn’t have a great night of sleep last night. I tossed and turned and had a nightmare that my Granny passed away. My foot also hurt for the first time since I broke it which was a bit scary too. I’m putting it down to the pillow I use for elevation had fallen off the bed. After fighting to sleep for another few hours I got out of bed at about eleven and chose that today was to be a pyjama day. So I hobbled through to the lounge and resumed my spot in the corner of the massive sofa and started writing out Chinese characters. I’ve decided to start drinking milk everyday as another positive act to make my little fracture sort itself out 😀 I never drink milk normally so it’s a treat for me! Yet I’m also hoping that it will spike up my calcium levels… It’s all wishful thinking right?

Oh well. A little optimism can get you a long way. (Fingers crossed)

This evening we went to the Hong Kong Cricket Club for dinner. It was Chinese style food and we also had Peking Duck! Although I’ve decided that even though it is a delicacy, there are much better dishes and food in China that I’d prefer to eat.


I think, and many share this opinion, that Chinese children are the most adorable things. The family in Hong Kong that I am staying with have two younger children, 哥哥 and 妹妹. And they are just fantastic! They keep me entertained whilst I’m sat on the sofa for most of the day.

By the end of Wednesday this cough I had was starting to get the better of me. My body having to fight two things at once wasn’t helping the matter. My broken foot and a dodgy chest was turning into a recipe for disaster. “Everything gets worse before it can get better” .. Is that a saying? If it is, I am the living example of it and I do hope it gets better! I couldn’t get to sleep until around three o’clock in the morning because lying on my back made me cough. This is ironic as I have to lie on my back so I don’t risk damaging my foot. So it was a lose lose situation. By that point I was utterly exhausted and had reached a very low pathetic level. I rambled to my poor Mum on whatsapp and she said I had made it seem as if I was on my death bed! Oops. Of course I’m not but I really felt like the gods had had their fun with me and it was time to leave me be.


Alas by this morning I am not any better. When I woke up I noticed I was short of breath and knew if that I didn’t go to the doctors today, I may certainly end up in a worse place than I am already. So Tim rang up a clinic and off we went for a two o’clock appointment. It was in the main part of town called Central so we parked the car close by and I hobbled alongside Tim to the clinic. The five minute walk felt like I had just done a full on session of Zumba minus the lively music to encourage me on. I’ve mastered going up and down steps now. Nothing can stop me and my little foot. 😀 The doctors was virtually empty so I was seen straight away. He listened to my chest and told me that I have an upper respiratory infection which in my opinion is basically a cold and cough as I thought. Nevertheless with the poor air quality here at the moment it was causing a bigger problem than normal. In order to kickstart my lungs to the normal capacity again, I had to wear a nebulizer for ten minutes which wasn’t as easy as it should be. The medicine didn’t seem to evaporate properly unless the nurse was whacking it with her fingers constantly. In the end I was handed my antibiotics and was sent on my way. A lovely young nurse joined me to the taxi rank to make sure I didn’t come to any harm and after about ten minutes I was on my way back to Tim’s (the family friend).

Even though I was only in Central for a short while it is so easy to get absorbed into the buzz of life here. The is always a rush of people heading to their next appointment, to lunch, to meet friends, to head home but whatever the reason, the atmosphere amongst the crowds is fascinating. Why is Hong Kong such a cool place?

I hope to find out why throughout my time here so I can answer that question with more than a “I have no idea”!

But for the time being, any tips on how to pass the days without being able to move? Would love some of your thoughts!

Here’s some pictures to make up for a possibly very dull post…

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