when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

This post has nothing to do with lemons or lemonade (although I do drink sprite here..) but today is a good day!

I have to say that not much has happened in the past few days but it feels like a week has passed… The three Nottingham girls (Juliet, Molly & Beana) left for Shanghai early Wednesday morning to go and see Juliet’s dad for two days. I was left to chill at our flat and try to busy myself with little jobs. Then the good news started pouring in.

Our International Office co-ordinator emailed me to say that my passport was ready and he was to collect it that Wednesday afternoon when he went with Jos. This meant I could book my flight to Hong Kong and start to feel more in control with my life once more. When Jos brought my passport to my flat I was almost ready to jump on him with excitement but I held myself back and gave him a hug instead. The relief was starting to work it’s magic and I felt positive once more. Following that, my flat Rachel as happy to wheel me out to the phone shop to sort out my Chinese sim card and we went to the supermarket and stocked up on chocolate too!! πŸ˜€Β That evening Rach and I ended up watching ‘The Imitation Game’ and getting a delicious Indian takeaway. It was a complete ‘as if we were in the UK’ moment and it was fantastic! The naan bread was sooo goood. I think I am starting to get withdrawal symptoms from diet coke though. Β I miss it so much! They only have coke or coke zero which are both equally horrible. I’m hoping that they’ll have diet coke in Hong Kong. If so, that’s all my backpack will be filled with!!

Thursday flew by quicker than Wednesday did but it was a productive day. For the first time in ages it was sunny outside so I chose to hop (on crutches) my way to lunch with a Mexican called Luis and a Swedish guy called Sebastian. As it was still so sunny after we finished eating I hobbled towards building eleven and ended up going up to Asbjorn’s room (the danish guy) to sit and chat whilst he packed. Then the French girls, JC, Jos and him were off on their travels to Hainan Island. I felt a little jealous! I went to a restaurant on campus for dinner with my Chinese buddy Jessie. She’s so sweet! We chatted about a few differences between China and ‘the west’/the UK. She told me that you can’t get married here until you are twenty one! As well as needing your parents’ permission. I guess that that isn’t too surprising but she was quite amazed at the fact that we can get married at eighteen if we want. In the evening I started packing and Eric and Brona (Rach’s Austrailian friend) came around for a farewell drinks. They didn’t finish until gone three o’clock in the morning! Whereas I crashed at midnight. But I did have a few skype sessions with some of my lovely friends back home: Chloe, Kathy and Richard as I continuously couldn’t sleep and really wanted to talk to them!! ❀

Now. My good luck has finally come fighting through and I’m loving life. My fracture is healing well and I only have to wear a cast for another month!!! Even though that only reduces the total recovery time by a week, I am relieved. It means that by the time I’m back from Hong Kong, the cast should be ready to come off! I also have massive copies of my X-ray from last week and this week which is so exciting! The fracture is embarrassingly small. Everyone who has seen it so far has taken ages to find it. I wonder how a fracture that small can make my foot seem so swollen..!?!

My fractured fifth metatarsal! Tiny isn't it?
My fractured fifth metatarsal! Tiny isn’t it?

I am so so so so happy though!! The one issue I have with my wrapped up foot is that my toes get chilly easily 😦 Even though my friends bought me some big socks my toes sometimes feel like I have frostbite! However another positive, I can shower! I wrap up my leg in lots of clingfilm and then put a plastic bag over it for double protection. My hospital experience here has been incredible. Today it only took us about two hours to go through the same procedure as last time (see doctor, x-ray, see doctor, bandage) and it’s not busy in the hospital at all. It’s big, spacious and there are few queues. I feel very blessed to have fantastic people around me to support and keep me company! πŸ˜€

Now I am off to Shanghai today with Rachel and her two friends to stay in a hostel overnight then fly tomorrow afternoon. I’m quite excited to get going but I’m really nervous with how exhausted I’ll be having been on crutches for ages. It’ll be okay though as I’ll stock up on even more chocolate πŸ˜‰

Here’s some photos from the past few days and a few from before πŸ˜€

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Big love to you all. It’s almost Chinese New Year!!!