Year Abroad #China: no broken foot can stop me

When I started writing this I was sat at the table in our lounge area in the flat fully attired as if I were to leave at any moment… But alas I was ready for a lecture an hour too early and the faff of undressing (such as just taking my coat off) proved to be excessive at that moment in time. I say this in a light-hearted tone because I am just laughing at the ridiculous turn of events over the weekend… such as breaking my fifth tibia bone.

Since I last wrote I can say that I have commandeered the use of crutches and hopping about but not the use of the wheelchair.

On Sunday we went to see Beilun Port (北仑港) and it was great that I could go along too! My arms are getting such a workout seeing as I had to haul myself (by choice) up the steps to get onto the coach with the little strength I possess. The journey took about an hour and we were allowed to go into the docking area where we could stand (sitting for me) in that one spot and take pictures. It was a bit cold and drizzly but it was quite cool. I wouldn’t say that this port would be a tourist attraction because it only loads massive containers onto cargo ships and isn’t pretty like those in Spain. Nevertheless, thanks to our International Office Leader, David, I have a picture of the whole group with me in the middle! It started when my friends kept taking photos of me sat in this huge wheelchair. Then David wanted a picture to share with the international office (and to laugh at probably) but did call me a ‘dedicated traveller’ which I’m proud of (haha).

Some of the internationals at Beilun Port! :D
Some of the internationals at Beilun Port! 😀

We had a film night that evening with a few people joining us: Eric, Thomas, Lisa, Anna, Hannah & Lea. We crammed into my flat bedroom so that we were warmer and comfier than out in the common area and started watching ‘The Theory of Everything’. However it stopped working half an hour in so after a lot of trying to make it work we gave up and watched ‘Easy A’ instead. It was a much better choice! More light-hearted. We also ordered pizza although it did take an hour and a half to come it was pretty good!

Then along came a new week and living the life of the wheelchair has been alright. My lovely friends (just to clarify, the three girls Molly, Juliet and Beana) have pushed me everywhere, helped me willingly and haven’t complained once about long everything now takes. I’m not suggesting they would but it’s soo kind of them ❤ I don’t know what I would have done without them. Of course there are loads of people who’ve offered up but it makes a difference that I’ve known these three previously. 😀

Me and my broken foot!
Me and my broken foot on Saturday morning
Me and my broken foot!
Me and my broken foot when I picked up this massive wheelchair.
Me and my broken foot!
Me and my broken foot with Juliet and our panda hats.

It looks like I am now going to Hong Kong for the three week holiday coming up which is fantastic news as well as now being able to say: I HAVE A PHONE. YAY. So I am back in the world of communication. Other than that I’m just hopping along (or rolling) and to be honest, it’s still so flipping awesome that I am here in China among amazing people.

So true right now :D no matter what, love life :D
So true right now 😀 no matter what, love life 😀