Year Abroad #China: I'm starting to think karma can be a bi**h

Friday night in Nova turned bad the minute I hurt myself. I can admit that I had been pretty intoxicated at the beginning of the evening and possibly still when I arrived but by half past

I can admit that I had been pretty intoxicated at the beginning of the evening and possibly still when I arrived but by half past two, I was definitely feeling much soberer. The club has lots of little steps all over the place between the dance floor and the entrance and I managed to trip and fall badly on the side of my right ankle. Unfortunately, it is not a thrilling nor crazy story but something that is so simple yet has had the biggest effect. I was following Beana towards the dance floor and as we neared the two steps down towards it I glanced back to see if the others were following and I misjudged where the step was.

I fell hard on the side of my foot. I continued dancing (basically on one leg) for another half an hour before I chose common sense over hope that it’d feel better pretty quickly and headed home. I was hobbling quite badly. Once we arrived at the campus in a taxi, I couldn’t put my weight on it much at all. Thus I had Asbjorn, Beana and Lia give me piggybacks back to my building! I felt guilty for them having to do this. But it did save us from spending a lot of time in the cold.

Once I was home I could see that my ankle was swollen on the right-hand part of the foot. We sat in Rachel’s room for a while before finally going to bed about two hours later. (Apparently I fell asleep for a while and when they tried to wake me I mumbled in Chinese for a while!) This morning it was not any better and starting to turn quite blue. At this point, I rang Mum on Skype and decided to go to see a doctor. I rang our hall warden and arranged to meet him downstairs so that he could take me to the clinic on campus to see what the medic thought.

I rented crutches and was told to go to the hospital. At half past one Beana and I met the person in charge of medical problems, Ashleigh, and off we went in a taxi to the hospital. It is a university hospital and was spotless! I hobbled in and registered easily as the queues were really short and was given a medical book and a card! (I love all these bits and bobs, they are like souvenirs!) From there we went up to orthopaedics where there were few people standing about and went straight into see a doctor. By this point, crutches were getting tiring. But off we went to the x-ray and I had it done. I was really starting to worry because it was pretty painful and I was feeling very sad. Then it was crunch time.

As I hobbled back into the office Ashleigh had just seen the x-ray. I looked at her, “Is it good news or bad news?” and she said with regret, “Bad news”. I froze for a moment. I didn’t want to look at it but I knew I had to. I have a Jones fracture on my fifth metatarsal. The shock hit me and I started to cry. Everything was running through my head. The fact I can’t travel during Chinese New Year, I can’t play badminton or ping pong like everyone else, I can’t just pop to the cafeteria for a meal or into town easily. I am gutted. He said it would take six weeks to heal but I have read on the internet that it can take up to four months to get back to normal without the risk of re-fracturing it.


He did say that I was lucky though. Apparently 90% of people who have the same injury as I do have to have surgery to re-align the bones but mine had not moved so I don’t need it. It was good news but it still didn’t soften the blow. I now have a cast on and some crutches to take me about. Luckily I claim all the expenses back on my insurance! Another bonus was that the whole process only took just over an hour. I never had to queue or wait. So for amazing private healthcare, I paid seventy British pounds. Not bad!

Beana was lovely the whole way through. She carried stuff for me, collected things, helped me if I needed it. I am seriously eternally grateful. Once I got back I saw a few people walking around campus and they all came up to me saying “What the hell has happened?” having seen me bouncing around only twelve hours ago. When Molly appeared she gave me a big hug which was really sweet. ❤

So now I’m sat on my bed. My backside is starting to hurt because it’s quite a thin mattress and I’m trying to sort my life out. I have had an amazing time out here and I will try my best to make the most of the time that I’m in this flippin’ cast. I can’t find my phone either so to my friends/family so email is the only way to contact me.

I hope you all are well and be careful around steps!! I miss you all very much.

All my love.