Year Abroad Prep: Another day, another dawn.

It is preparation time for China. I have my big travellers backpack ready to be packed (even though it’s still sat in my cupboard right now). For those who know me, the idea of me just taking a backpack must be surprising. Especially as they have seen me hauling around a big or many suitcases and bags with me over the past (at least) eight months! This time I am fulfilling the definition of “travelling light”…

My essentials list is:

  • technology (such as laptop, camera, phone and all the cables to go with these things)
  • sports/gym kit
  • basic clothing (socks, etc)
  • two pairs of jeans, two or three tops, two strappy tops, a cardigan, a jumper or two
  • thin coat
  • a few pairs of shoes.

I really hope it’s not flipping cold when I get there. It shouldn’t be! I’ve been checking the weather quite often on BBC and it seems that the daytime temperature is about 14 on average with a fair amount of sunshine. We have been told that there is a H&M in the city centre of Ningbo so I’m planning on expanding my tiny wardrobe selection a little bit more once I arrive. Other than that, it is time to go! Mum and I have been on the “last-minute” run around the shops so I am stocked up on insect repellent, a little first aid kit and toothpaste. It doesn’t sound incredibly awesome does it?

Nevertheless, I have all I need, I just need to pack it! 😀190910471673531697_DfxFUVcy_b

This week has floooown. All I can remember from last weekend was going to pick up a colleague of Dad’s and taking him to A&E because he wasn’t very well at all. It turns out he has ‘viral meningitis’ which meant he stayed at the hospital until Thursday! Even though he’s not particularly better, he is slowly on the mend. On the Sunday, Mum, Harry and I did go skiing. It was quite scary that day because there was low ‘flat’ light that meant you could not see five feet in front of you. On one hand it was a little thrilling because you didn’t know what was coming next, but most of the time I was expecting to be flung off a pretty steep slope into the hard packed snow below… Thankfully that did not happen!

Harry and I did go skiing again on the Tuesday (15th) and it was great fun. He brought a friend along by I was so happy that I managed to go fast! On one of the runs you have to start skiing directly down the hill so you pick up enough speed to go up and down a few times to make it to the other side without having to climb. And I managed it! Woohoo! 😀 The blue sky was beautiful too. Thus it was a good last run for a while…

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In other news, we’ve had a family friend stay with us this week (and I’ve wrote about him and his business here:  Cultural Dynamics ) and it’s been good to have him. Pat is a very happy, positive man hailed from the little town of Oregon, USA. Unfortunately he slipped on ice yesterday (Friday 17th) and due to carrying a really heavy backpack he broke his right fibula near the top of the bone and has damaged his ankle. As our parents were both at work, Harry and I accompanied him in the ambulance whilst he was given pain killers and then followed him to Foothills Hospital. Luckily they were pretty efficient once we arrived and Pat was in a bed in no time. By the time we came home we were all shattered. The solution to that was an Indian takeaway and it was yummy. Lamb Korma is the best dish EVER. I find it quite ironic that I’ve started loving Indian food the moment I’m about to go to China… It’ll be a treat when I get back in July!

With one more day to go, I think I am ready for the next chapter of 2015.

I have no idea what to expect at all of what china, let alone this year, will bring. I don’t know whether to freak out a little that I’m going so far away for a while, to go somewhere that is so different and diverse, or to be hopping about in delirium that I’m going to all of that. I guess it’s a bit of both, to be honest…

See you on the other side, my friends.