Year Abroad #Canada: it's flipping freezing!

From Christmas Day to January 7th, 2014:

A week (almost) since New Year and it’s just got colder and colder in Calgary!! The upside of that is that it has snowed a lot over the past few days so I feel like I am in a winter wonderland! The downside is just how cold it is. Sometimes it is as low at -22Β°. Even if it is “only” -10Β°, you have to wear so many layers when you go out shopping or to a supermarket that you’re literally stripping down the moment you arrive at your destination. All in fun and games… πŸ™‚

Also, random moment of my day, my family and I had to explain the English slang word ‘faffing’ to our Canadian family friends. It is quite an odd word to explain! A simple definition from Google:Β to make a fuss over nothing. My definition is: when you have an objective/job/chore to complete yet you’re doing other things around it that prolong actually getting the main job done. For example, when your mum needs to leave the house and she does other things that she really doesn’t need to do but is making a fuss over (such as tidying up a little even though no one is going to see the inside of our house for days). so yeah! if you didn’t know what ‘faffing’ was, you now do! πŸ˜€

I’ve tried skiing again and have survived a second trip! It still scares the living daylights out of me as I go down each slope (whether it’s flat or steep!) and I always feel a great sense of relief when I make it to the bottom. I admire how others can ski so fast without fearing for their lives, especially down really steep black runs! During New Year it was hard packed snow which meant that it was pretty flat to ski over and my skis edged nicely when I turned. Thus I felt I was completely in control and my chance of falling over was less than 5%. However yesterday, my parents and I went again and there was loads of powder snow! It was my first time on powder and it was… interesting! It was really good to ski on, but it does make it a bit bumpy! So every time I crossed the slope I thought I was going to be flung off it by a built up mound of snow! (That’s how crazy I am…)

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Nevertheless, I have to admit it was pretty fun. I also met up with two people who I met at the New Year’s Eve party, James and Katarina, which was really nice. Luckily they were really patient with me and my tortoise speed… Especially when James and I were going down one of the bigger mountains, Goats Eye! Although this did mean that we got to ski and chat which was great! Just the normal chitchat but it was really lovely getting to know him. He’s from Brisbane so I guess that’s another reason to visit Austrailia aside from my old friend Lucy already being there… He introduced me to the series Community. It’s bonkers! But good so I do recommend it if you’re into stuff like New Girl, How I Met Your Mother etc. Overall I ended up seeing James few times and it was great! πŸ™‚

Now I must sleep. Sorry for the waffling… Hope everyone is well πŸ™‚