Year Abroad #Madrid: BRB, just popping to the ol'blighty

November 2014:

I’ve been utterly lucky in being able to have a quick holiday back in UK from last Thursday night to Wednesday (6th – 12th)! The main reason for my spontaneous return was that my grandparents decided to celebrate my grandpa’s eightieth birthday over the weekend and wanted as many of the family there as possible.

So this is a just a quick post to mark my trip back! I was also able to see my friends from Nottingham by surprising them on Friday. I caught the train from Blythe Bridge and arrived in Nottingham around one o´clock. I rang Christine on the way, saying “Guess who?” when she picked up. She only guessed my name after a few others once I’d laughed at her confusion, (I am a nice friend… really!). So I went for lunch with her at this new restaurant that has opened in Nottingham called Wild Wood. It’s really good. If you ever come across one, try it. It does have an Italian theme, but it’s good!! Even though I warn you that the starters are massive by themselves! I ordered garlic bread. There were about ten square pieces about the size of a playing card on the serving board. I don’t know how I managed my main!

Then I surprised my old housemates almost one by one and am very proud of my plan of utterly confusing and surprising them 😀 Dave, Richard, Chloe and I ended up going out for a meal at the Fat Cat and it was good! The cocktails were good too. Thus the trip was a total success. I did miss my amazing central heating system in Madrid though. England is SO cold. It rained so much the first two days I was at home. I was accused of bringing the bad weather with me by too many people! 😛

Anyhow. My mum also came back for my grandpa’s birthday. As a surprise. We are a family of surprises. But as you all know this now, I am not surprised because it’s too typical of me! Haha. It was so good to see her.

Yet the five days flew by and before I knew it, I was heading back to Madrid. And here I am. As of the 17th  November, I only have 33 days left of the Spanish side of my year abroad. Oh. My.

I hope all is well with you all.