Year Abroad: Barcelona Trip Part #2

November 2nd, 2014:

Saturday night was very chilled as both Rob and I were exhausted. The previous night of ‘a few drinks’ and a whole day of walking had exhausted us. Thus we were up and ready on Sunday (well, I was a tad reluctant as I had the snoring guy keep my head spinning for quite a while, but enough about him.) and we headed to the centre to go on a walking tour in Spanish.

It was a really good tour – and is offered in English too – and we learnt a lot. It was two and a half hours long, with a twenty-minute break in between, and we saw a heck of a lot of buildings and sites. By the time we were finished, Rob and I were just staring at restaurants and cafés that surrounded us. We were starving. Especially since we spent our twenty-minute break walking around aimlessly looking for a snack nearby but were hopeless in making a decision! Thus, we ended up in a restaurant where I had this view:IMG_1410

It was spectacular. We were attracted by the ‘menú del día’ sign outside and whilst reading it, a really extravagant man appeared and welcomed us in. We chose to sit inside so he took us upstairs, and therefore, we got the best view in the place. But the wonderful things didn’t stop there. As usual, a drink was included. I decided to have a sangria, and it was a big glass! And Rob asked for a glass of rosé. Once the waitress had served us, she left the bottle of rosé on the table. We thought this was an accident. Rob caught the attention of the loud man and said that she had accidentally left it, to which he replied, “No! It’s included!” (in spanish of course). So we just sat there for a moment wondering if we had read the menu price right. Then accepted it and it was quite a good rosé!! And I’m not even keen on the stuff… It was definitely the best moment of the trip for me. It was so serene, and happy.

We continued to the port after the delicious lunch – and not feeling tipsy thank the lord! – and I managed to convince Rob to spend 11 euros on a cable car over the port. It was awesome. We had to climb a massive hill to get to the thing but it was worth it. Even though I did have Rob hinting that the hill was really quite steep as if I’m too unfit to get up it! Funny boy. 😀

We flew over the port, looking back at the city and taking photos to arrive and have a chilled walk along the stretch of beach. After that, the day dwindled away into the night. We went out for a few tapas and drinks again, but by that point, we were pretty shattered. After a better night’s sleep, we woke on Monday, packed and headed out to find food. We went to a pastry shop to stock up on snacks but also for one last treat!

And with that, the lovely city break came to an end.

Barcelona is a fantastic city. I can understand why it is much more popular to tourists than Madrid. It has a deeper history that is more intriguing than that of Madrid. With the quirky Gaudi buildings, narrow streets, and having a port and beach, Barcelona is incredible. Meanwhile, Madrid is much more Spanish yet modern. It’s got more shops, the Prado Museum, some old buildings but lacks a sense of individuality as a city. But don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love it. So, if you come to Spain.. Go see both!! Just be prepared for a eight-hour coach journey…

Big love!