Year Abroad: Barcelona Trip Part #1

So I’m writing this part at half-past one in the morning on the Saturday night as we’ve had such a busy day and one of our roommates is snoring. And I want to throw something at him. But I won’t, of course… My friend Rob has ear plugs. So he can’t hear a thing. And I’m guessing this guy’s friend is already asleep. Therefore, I need a miracle to sleep. Until I eventually get too tired at about three in the morning… As that’s an hour and a half away. The throwing idea seems very tempting right now. In order to restrain myself (I’m just being dramatic now), I’ll scribble about this wonderful mini city break.

October 31st, 2014:

Halloween! I left Madrid yesterday at two o’clock, and after a seven and a half hour bus journey, I arrived at Barcelona Sants. Rob was kindly waiting for me there as he was bonkers enough to get an overnight bus and had arrived at half five that morning… —OKAY THE SNORING IS SO LOUD.— Once I pulled my suitcase off the coach, got on the boiling hot metro, we arrived at our hostel called Hello BCN, and it’s pretty awesome. Well kept, organised and not aesthetically boring. It’s also in a  really good location, very close to the metro stop Parel-lels and is a stone throw (by someone with a good arm) away from La Rambla.

We ended up getting pretty tipsy/drunk on that Friday night on very good sangria. Consequently, we had hurting heads this morning… But we have managed to pack so much in! We pretty much sorted ourselves out by half ten on Saturday morning and ambled in the direction of La Rambla. Once there we found a really nice chic (I think anyway) restaurant and had breakfast. Then headed on our way to see the Gaudi house, called Casa Battló.

In order to get there, we walked up the lovely the long famous street, La Rambla, taking pictures and catching up on life (yay!) and ended up walking the whole way to the incredible building. (We were originally going to catch the metro. As Rob’s answer to my question, “how long do you think that will take?” every time I point a map is “40 minutes?” and I no longer believe he knows how long it takes to get anywhere! Kidding.. but Barcelona is not that big for everything to be 40 minutes apart! Hehe!) We took a selfie in front of the Gaudi house (who wouldn’t?) and then got on the metro to go to the Sagrada Familia. But I am telling you, Rob is pants at being the tourist guide. Not that I should rely on him, but I trust that he takes us where we need to go. But no, we got on the wrong line going in the wrong direction… Two wrongs really don’t make a right…! Thus we ended up deciding to take a detour to the Arc du Triomph.

I will explain why we had such a hopeless moment. In Barcelona, the metro is quite technical to navigate. You can’t just waltz into any entrance and expect to find what you need. The majority of the time you can only get to a different line by walking down to and along a platform of another. So as we weren’t paying attention, it was quite easy to make that mistake. So, I advise that you really pay attention if you go on the metro! —The guy as turned over, but still snoring. Whhhhhhyyyy?? —

Following our little mishap, we stopped for lunch at a Chinese place that we came across as we walked in the direction of the Sagrada. It seemed a bit dodgy but actually, the food was really good! We had soups to start, then I had some dumplings and a meat dish with some rice. And Rob ordered spicy tofu and prawn noodles. His tongue was burning for a while…. Once he recovered we continued on with our day. After the Sagrada, we walked south. It was just so lovely. No picture nor words can describe it. Just us, ambling along wittering in spanglish, it’s not cold, the sun is shining and there are beautiful buildings around us.

In the end, we arrived at the Park. And it had the most beautiful fountain in it. Probably the best thing about Barcelona. Here’s a pic, but it doesn’t justify its beauty!

BCN – Part #1 – Gaudi Fountain: Cascada

Part two coming up..