Year Abroad: philosophy

The saying “everything happens for a reason” doesn’t mean the fate is pre-determined, that we only have one Tree of Life that grows branches in certain directions to climb up. But rather, that everything we do is based on the choices we make, and that involves swinging from tree to tree constantly. For reasons we don’t understand – even if it could be explained to be something as simple as, “the reason I woke up late is because I forgot to set my alarm.” – life just happens, and it progresses. The simple reasons could turn out to be the most complicated. “The reason I woke up late is because I forgot to set my alarm because I got to sleep late because I forgot to book my train journeys this weekend because I was invited out for drinks because my friend just got promoted because she works hard because …” You see? It could swing a million different ways. Everything is tangled together. And that itself could be the reason. “Everything happens for a reason because life is tangled within itself. And this alone somehow determines, in the millisecond that we choose to do something, what is to come next.”

萬 事 皆 因 果

(wàn shì jiē yīn guǒ)

Being me, this is “Everything happens for a reason” in Chinese. The first two characters mean “all things” or “everything”. The middle character kind of means, “in all cases”. The last two characters create a complex word that can be defined many ways such as, “karma”, “cause and effect”, “fate” etc.. Thus, I interpret that to say “every cause has its effect, as every effect arises from a cause”.  Basic philosophy really… No?

If we get scientific (I’m not but the lovely users of Yahoo answers can be!), Newton’s 2nd law of motion says that every action has an = opposite reaction and every opposite action is = resultant force. Reason is logic and it is behind every thought and action we have/do; consciously and subconsciously. Thus, everything does happy for a reason…. We just can’t define what that reason really is. But it is out there, and we gotta live our lives like it’s a flipping good reason to live for.  Another person who makes the quote make perfect sense is Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe quote - Everything happens for a reason
Marilyn  Monroe quote – Everything happens for a reason

All this philosophical jargon is something that I definitely believe in, that good comes bad and vice versa. And, in short, I’m just feeling very lucky and happy with where I am in the world right now. And I hope all my friends and family are too. And the rest of the world included! This year has been a ridiculous rollercoaster for me. And as it’s now counting down to Christmas. I feel like the ride is slowing down and coming towards its relieving end. Just like on Stealth, a roller coaster at Thorpe Park (UK), you get thrown forward at many miles per hour and taken up a vertical slope, to come flying back down and go over a gentle bump that will lead you to home, i.e. solid ground. I’ve been up, flung down and just going over the little bump that lets me sigh with relief that I’m still alive. (Truth: I absolutely love roller coasters, but I fear I’m going to die every single time I get on one… probably a shared feeling??)

So hello October 🙂