Year Abroad #Madrid: second week is almost over!

Oh my gosh I am shattered. TGIF times a million. On Friday I have a Spanish language class for three hours from 10:30 but after that I am freeeee. Well, I’m going to the gym, then eat, then practice mandarin…. Then I’m actually freeeeeeeeee. I don’t have work in the afternoon because my boss said there’s no need for me to come in! Woohoo!! … I feel like I’ve lived a week in two days. One reason is because I’ve crammed so much in but also because I am a girl who needs my sleep! Yesterday I was at work from ten to half one, after which I walked to the gym near our place and signed up! Then as I headed back I passed Carrefour and decided to do my weekly shop there. The queue was very long but in the end, I walked out twenty euros poorer but excited to cook brownies and make a homemade cannelloni (which I made today). But when I arrived home I had to clean out the little fridge that Ainara and I share because water was dripping all over my stuff and soaking it. This is because we have a little freezer compartment at the top and this doesn´t have a door. So if we set the temperature at minus three degrees, we freeze our stuff. If we set it at two or higher, my stuff gets stuck. Who wins? The fridge. Ainara and I are left frustrated. After this drama, I ended up going to Burger on the way to work which was yummy and had a good time at work. Then I went off to the Gran Vía in the centre to attend my first mandarin evening class. It was really good but I am going to the other tonight because this one is an hour and a half and the people may be a bit more… snappy. There were four of us last night which was lovely however we didn’t do much compared to what I normally do at university. So I’m trying it out tonight to see if my classmates are a bit more on the ball. But it’s no worries if not, I am so happy I’ve chosen to do this as I’m going to be learning instead of forgetting !! I got home at ten and scoffed down some chicken, tomato and sweetcorn and then got into bed.

A map of where I am in Madrid!
A map of where I am in Madrid! And a bit of an idea of where everything is. To give you a sense of scale, my walk to work is about a kilometre.

I wonder if any of you watch Bones.. if you’re a goody two-shoes and wait for it to be released here in the UK.. OH MY GOSH CATCH UP ALREADY. Okay, crazy moment over. It was the first episode of the ninth series and oh my gosh. That’s all I can say. Again, today has been bonkers. I crawled out of bed at quarter-past nine and ending up getting breakfast at a pastry shop on the way to work. (I love my journey to work if you’ve haven’t guessed that, haha). One wholemeal croissant and three little napolitana chocolate pastries. YUM.  Then I worked. And when I got home I decided to hoover and mop the entire flat. I also cooked my brownies and my canneloni and I headed out for work again. As I forgot about lunch, I was back at Burger King.. And I promise to myself, never again. I will be good. (Anyone knows that by ‘never’, I mean never under these circumstances! Hehe.). And now I’ve just finished work. So I’m going to walk to work as the weather is lovely and sunny. Happy Thursday everyone! It’s almost the weekend.