Year Abroad #Madrid: waiting for Mondays and Tuesdays to be lovable

Firstly, Monday, my sixth day at work! I’ve written about the nude photos of celebrities that are being leaked all over the internet and what happened to Beyoncé at the Global Festival (she had a wardrobe malfunction where her top opened to reveal her chest but she was wearing a bra so what’s exciting about that? I’m kidding! Kinda. But it is actually quite a challenge to write three hundred words around that…).  I love my walk to work even if it is only ten minutes. Because parts of Madrid are laid out as grids of buildings/blocks like America I can change which street I go down to get to the main road every day. I do try to avoid the pastry shop three blocks away though! Otherwise, I’d be rolling myself to work and back every day by the end of it. I walk past a bank, BBVA, that always works for me and a supermarket called SuperCor where there is always a late/middle-aged unshaven man sat outside just welcoming people as they walk in and wishing them well as they leave. At first, I embarrassingly thought he was homeless (and may be) and felt quite nervous about passing him every time I wanted to go in. But, seeing past my silly moments, I now greet him every day without fail. And today I was walked past the shop, saw him and we both smiled. It was a good moment where it feels like the world is smiling back at you. I do like to think he’s acting as an un-needed security guard. I have no idea why…

Anyway.. Annabel and I went to an ‘intercambio de lenguas // language exchange’ last night (Sunday) and it was pretty good. It was a very male-dominated event which was interesting because I’m used to languages being a high female ratio back at home. I aimed to go to one on Tuesday (today) night but I’m shattered so probably not. But we have been pro-active and have signed up to a Spanish language school to meet more people and get better at grammar etc.  I’ve been put in level C1 which I’m quite surprised at as that means a pretty damn good level (unless I’m completely misled!). And I’m saying this because normally I make silly mistakes and haven’t been the best grammar student my dear teachers /lecturers have ever had… But I’m happy! Now I am going to both Spanish and Chinese lessons. I need a job!! This brings me onto my next point on my to do list. Just before we went to ‘Natural Español’ school, I popped to a papelería//stationary shop to print a few copies of my Spanish cv. Then after our visit, I planned on walking around a few shops and handing in my CV if possible. But I morphed into a chicken in every single one… All the sales people were marching about doing their job and looked like they didn’t want to be disturbed so I couldn’t pluck up the courage to just ask. However, I managed to hand in one! The sales lady was so nice I didn’t feel like I was a bother to her if I asked. And I handed my CV over in panic and hope. Why panic? Although I have little hope, I still am relatively proud of myself. Then I sucked it up and emailed a few families about babysitting/afternoon jobs because that is the best paid and easiest job to get in this city for auxiliaries. I’ve received one positive reply but she still has an au pair at the moment which is a shame.

I’ve had a lot of skype calls in the past three days and I’ve loved them. I’ve caught up with Noor on her bonkers ((love)) life hehe, spent ages chatting to Christine and it’s her birthday TOMORROW. I’m hoping she receives her card… I haven’t actually received the dispatch email for her present yet.. so oops. That’ll arrive late. To be honest.. Where has October come from? How is it only eleven weeks until Christmas? Just utterly bonkers. But that does mean winter wardrobe ladies! I love the change of season because it feels like I’ve just acquired a completely new exciting wardrobe (even though it’s full of clothes from the past few years.. you haven’t worn that jumper in months so it just feels awesome to wear it.). And the third call was with Chloe and Georgia and.. I have no words because I just miss them lots. ♥

Now I’m back to writing articles. So far it’s been Ariana Grande’s love life and you won’t believe it: about Harry Styles wearing women’s clothing. What is the world coming to? Just kidding!

I hope everyone is well 🙂