Year Abroad #Madrid: becoming a Spaniard

September 29th, 2014:

I’m not only in a different country, as I flew into Madrid from Lisbon last weekend but everything is different and new! Firstly I had the drama of losing my phone on Saturday morning at the airport once Will (boyfriend) had checked in and had gone to catch his 08:10 flight. (So goddamn early). So I did end up using two hours of my six that I would have been waiting by chasing down lost property, a Vodafone store, the tourist desk (where the woman really stuck up her nose at me) and eventually the police. Yet no luck and I left the Portuguese capital wounded. On the upside there was a Mmcdonald’s, bookshop and fun stationary store in Lisbon Airport’s Terminal Two so I felt okay pretty quickly. I bought a Spanish book (trying to be a good student), some magazines (not so good as they were Closer and Now), and some notebooks that have cute quotes in Spanish on them!

“Disfruta de las pequeñas cosas de la vida.” // “Enjoy the small things in life”

“No esperes a que pase la tormenta, baila en la lluvia!” // “Don’t wait for the storm to pass, dance in the rain!”

Once I arrived in Madrid, I unpacked and sorted out all my things before heading down to an orange store to buy a new temporary phone and get a replacement sim card. The trip was very successful and I got a cool clock for my room too! Then I went food shopping and my arms were hurting by the time I got home. On the Sunday I went out for a walk with two of my flatmates which was quite nice. I got to see a bit more of Madrid than I have before!

My flatmates are really nice. There’s Annabel (english), Bárbara (chilean), Ainara (spanish) and Elodie (french). We speak spanish most of the time but Annabel and I do speak spanglish quite often. The flat is good, it is filled with antique furniture but that seems to give it charm rather than date it. I have so many cupboards in my room, I’d be able to fit all my stuff I had in Nottingham if I had to! But best of all, my bed is extremely comfortable.

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I started at Happy FM last Monday. It is a ten minute walk from the office and the office is on the corner of the Parque de Retiro (a massive park) which is really lovely to walk around!  My job is to write articles about the latest celebrity gossip for their website as many of their listeners listen online rather than through an actual radio. It’s good as I’m getting better at writing but I don’t talk much as there are only five people on the team and they are working or off recording most of the time. Thus I am currently looking for a part-time job that will one, give me some extra money and two, require me to speak thus improve that too!

So, a week in and I am getting that first feeling of homesickness. And that is because all of my friends are back at university and one dear one, Chloe, is going back today and I just want to be there too. It is a tradition for us to watch Once Upon A Time, Bones and sometimes other tv shows together and this year, I don’t have a teleporter handy. And I won’t have Monday Night Dates of yoga and dinner with Christine. Man, I sound like someone has just broken up with me and I’m mourning it… well, I guess I am. I am spending this weekend watching the amazing television series that is Suits (watch it.) and writing Chinese characters because I seriously cannot remember many. And the girls (flatmates) are ordering take away sushi so I’m not complaining!

Lastly, welcome to my new blog page on WordPress. I moved because I’ve been able to make it slightly more personal, and it’s a better platform to have a blog on.

Lots of love.


My first day at Happy FM
My first day at Happy FM