Au Pair Take Two #5: one week to go

I mentioned my good luck in my last post.. And karma has got me good. Of course there are times where bad luck strikes.. On Tuesday I ended up going to the doctors at a public hospital near the family’s house. (Always take your EHIC abroad if you’re going to Europe – if you don’t have one.. Get one anyway!! Definitely is a life saver). María was good enough to sit and wait for the two hours we were there. It was comforting to have her there whilst I was with the doctor in case I didn’t understand any medical jargon he said. I went in because I had developed a terrible cough and being an asthmatic, it’s not good to leave it too long.. I was sent for an x-ray of my chest and it came back that (going to be a bit ew) I had/have a lot of mucus in my chest. And if I hadn’t come in for another few days I would’ve have pneumonia. Yay! So thank god I did go in! He prescribed me some pills and a soluble powder and off I went. I have improved over the past few days so I’m back on the mend. It’s been flipping hot here (35°). I love it but you just feel like you’re melting like a wax doll the minute you step out into the heat!

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We haven’t done too much over the past few days. We’ve been to Miramar mall (which I know!) looking for clothes for the girls for a wedding they are going to this weekend. Thus I’ve been given the weekend off again. But none of my friends are here! 😭 I’m not saying I don’t enjoy my own company… But it’s nice to not have to entertain yourself once in a while… So I’m thinking of sorting out a sim card with Orange by going to Miramar again. And I might go to Mijas Pueblo which is a quaint little town half an hour inland that is meant to be beautiful. Or I might go into Málaga! Even though I’ve kinda been there and done that with friends a few years ago. Once I’ve seen the cathedral and Castle of a city, that’s me done. 🙌 Anyway today: I’ve had a long phone call with my mummy.

And then we drove into Torremolinos and, as you can imagine, when a main road is shut (for some unknown reason) in a town or city and the police are diverting you anywhere but.. It is carnage. Cars everywhere, queues only getting longer and people getting frustrated. At one point we were on a roundabout and María’s car stuck out a bit so this dolled up woman in a massive Nissan came around the roundabout and was shouting at us to get out of the way.. María proceeded to tell her to calm down – “traquilizate” – and while doing this pressed the accelerator. We then proceeded to nudge the car in front. Then grumpy woman drove off and María had to show the man that his old battered Skoda was okay! Qué drama no?.. No, not really, but it felt like it at the time. I’m now sat by the beach  in Torremolinos while Alejandra plays volleyball. If I was one of the older girls/women playing.. I’d be worried about my bikini slipping off! I’ve been to a beach café and had a cheeky diet coke and ice cream. So, to be frank, I’m definitely on the mend. Anyway.. Enough of this babbling bonkers post. Miss all of my friends etc in the homeland.