Au Pair Take Two #3: ups and downs

I joined the family on Sunday (24th) and it’s been a pretty simple week so far. We have been to their community pool every day and went to the beach once. Alejandra (the older one) is more proactive with her English and with deciding what to do. Aitana is a lot more reserved and follows her sister. To be honest, she’s quite grumpy and hardly smiles at me. However, we have had a good few moments so far. The parents are very relaxed and quite chatty which is lovely. I live in the attic but have a big sofa bed and my own little shelves and side table. There’s even a massive balcony that I have all to myself! But a shame I have no one to share it with. Yesterday Alejandra and I made cupcakes and decorated them with fondant (I’m proud of my one in the picture above). Today, we’re all still in our pyjamas!

Antonio’s at Miraflores

This weekend I’m going back to see Shirley and friends at Miraflores. (those who I was staying with before I joined the family.) I can’t wait. I’ve found a hourly bus service that can take me all the way and it’s only three euros fifty one way! Which compared to a forty euro taxi.. It is gooood. The pictures above are of Shirleys place. The pool, a beach with the Spanish flag, the sunset view over the apartments. I’ve known it since I was a baby. And I adore it. It is a second home to me. And Shirley is like a second mum! So tomorrow, I can’t wait to be sat by the pool, about to eat a yummy lasagne for lunch, and chatting with the adults. I know it sounds boring but… If you were there you’d understand!

Miraflores (the best place ever)

Anyway, I better go do something with the girls. Hasta luego.