Summer Reunion '14: the yearly trip to Cymru (Wales)

I have spent the past two weeks in far south west wales (my favourite place on this planet) with my mum’s side of the family and some of our dearest family friends. For the first time in years, we only had one rainy day thus we had many days on the beach. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly the sea was colder compared to the seas around Spain but nevertheless fantastic. We went go-karting twice which was awesome because all eight or seven of us get to go around the quite short track and the competitive atmosphere is bonkers. Some of the boys (my brother included) drive so fast and are quite scary when they come right up behind you! Harry and Ed got the best race times overall with 23:00 seconds and 23:01. Then I did okay!! I got 23:91. Dearest Charlie spent the majority of the time looking back at who was racing up behind him, therefore, was driving all over the track and managed to hold the majority of us up! We went to Abereiddy twice – the Blue Lagoon – to jump off this half-destroyed castle thing… basically something very tall into the deep lagoon! I didn’t jump off the tallest jump. I’m too much of a wimp and am better on rollercoasters etc. But Harry, my cousin Steph and friends Charlotte and Theo did.. Brave brave people… We had many pub dinners, played cards, ate delicious ice cream from St David’s Gianni’s Ice Cream Shop (this was the highlight of the holiday for Ed) and had a few bebidas (drinks) back at the campsite.

Jake introduced me to the game ‘cards of humanity’ and it is a shocking game. It takes such normal sentences or situations and can make them so dirty, controversial, cringy but also hilarious. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, but if you’re so curious and it sounds like it’s right up your street… go google it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you! So… Therefore.. it’s been a wonderful two weeks.

For those who know me, they know that my parents now live in Canada and it’s been a roller coaster year with all the change. I had a moment – a terrible moment – during this holiday. It was slightly aided by alcohol but mostly the overwhelming feelings of the past year and the adaptation required of my parents and I for us to adjust to being together again for the short times we can be. And one evening it all embarrassingly got the better of me. I’m not sharing this because I want sympathy. I don’t. But I want to share that no matter where you are in the world, what you’re doing, who you’re with – don’t feel like you have to hold it all in. Because it will come back to bite you when you really don’t want it to. Tell those how you really feel because even though at the moment it’s difficult, the consequences are going to be so much better than if you hold it in. I love my family, I miss them so much. And this past year has involved a lot of goodbyes that are never made easier as life just keeps on ticking over. So all I really want to say. To those who I don’t talk to often, to those in Nottingham who I don’t really see anymore, to my housemates, to my best of friends and all others that I’ve crossed paths with, good luck with everything and this definitely isn’t goodbye.


sorry for the soppy!