Au Pair Take Two #4: Adiós to paradise (mini-break)

So, as I’m quite a lucky person these days, I have just had a whole weekend back with the family friends and it was awesome. On Friday night I went out with the boys, Sarah and Bella to Puerto Banús. It was a good night. We paid €15 at the first club, Devils, and were given free drinks for an hour! It was quite a small place – probably more like a bar – but the music was good and it wasn’t too full or empty. The next place we went to was called Tibu. It was €20 to get in and very expensive in there. One of the boys paid €15 for a JD and coke! And it wasn’t very buzzy. Just loads of rich people or girls in very short dresses and very high heels. Not much eye candy for the girls I’m afraid! Haha.

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Then Saturday and Sunday were very chilled. We went down to the ‘private’ pool which is for the little community of flats where my friends are and it was awesome. The pool had really fresh water (feels a bit odd to say but it felt really nice). And I tried out my waterproof phone case! And it worked! There is a still a moment of hope and panic when I put it in the water for the first time every time… but no tragedy so far! We ate out both nights and last night I had the best dish of the holiday: prawn and pumpkin risotto. Yum. After that Sarah, Bella and I went to the studio apartment I’ve been staying in and sat on the terrace until three this morning (I’m so going to collapse later…) listening to music and having a few drinks. Other than that… not much going on really!

This morning has a tinge of sadness as the majority headed to the airport to shuffle onto planes that are to talk them back to a colder, less exciting England. And today is also the only day where low and dark clouds are hanging in the sky. After dropping some of them off, Shirley dropped me back in Benálmadena and here I am. Eleven and a half days left and I’m off again!

To be honest, I can’t seem to get over the idea that I’m not going home. I’m not being forced back to civilisation for the sake of my education or anything. My feet will not be standing on British soil until the twentieth of December. That is three months and eleven days away. And even then, I’m only in the UK for three days. Sooo… this is it. And my god it’s going to be good.