This is my gorgeous Kimi. Also know as Kim-Cat, Química & Kimster. 

1st June 2014

Photo(s) of the day ♥

I remember going to pick her up on Saturday 23rd May 2009 (I found the date information on one of the photos. I wish I had that good a memory!) with some family friends who were going to have her sister Topsy. We arrived and played with them a little while and Kimi (though that is a bad quality photo) was the cutest and most lively one there. She still is really. On the drive home she cried the entire way home and poked her little paws out through the cage bars. At one point I got her out, wrapped her snugly in a towel so she couldn’t wriggle out of my arms and in that moment of peace. I knew she was meant to be my little baby for a long time. The minute we arrived home it was just her and me because my parents and brother were out. I put the cage down and made sure her new cats hut had a bed and toys. When I opened up the cage I expected her to jet out but a little shape didn’t shoot out. So I got down on my knees ad peeked in and there was a diddy kitten sitting at the very back of the cage and looking at me with wide scared eyes. Once I gently coaxed her out and showed her the house she was back to her curious self. She’s pulled at the carpets ever since. And the best times when she was a kitten was when she had a burst of hyperness every evening when we were all home. You would only hear her paws/claws darting across the carpet  with the occasional glimpse of her as she darted up one of our beams in the lounge. It was fantastic to watch.

Nowadays she’s still got a bit of a crazy side when she decides to play fight you when you’re stroking her. But she’s got a big snuggly heart that means she pretty much sits on my mum’s head every morning which I like to say is her good morning cuddle. And she’s a bit like a dog in that she always comes when I call varieties of her nicknames/name. And I love her to pieces. Y’know how your pets make that small but massively meaningful difference in your life that you never seem to realise until you move away or they pass away? Plus, she’s the one thing that’s staying normal in the life of my family and I whilst they move to Canada. And she’s going to be a fifty minute drive away at my Grandparents which is so much closer that two and a half! And for that part of my life. Albeit miniature compared to so many other things. I can’t wait.

I cannot wait to cuddle her in three weeks time.