Second Year in Nottingham

This is the view from my window in our student house. Although it doesn’t look out over beautiful scenery, it feels so good to get a picture like this. Only now are we getting into the swing of things as university has just started. And it is a bit mad because I’m working the whole time I don’t have talks by working I mean I am being a student ambassador for my department by being one of many receptionists. It’s pretty good. I feel like I know a lot more than the other helpers because I talk to a lot more of the students that come in for help. And that’s just a bonus. But i have to admit, I wish I was laid on a couch doing nothing and eating profiteroles. I know I live a life of doing so much it gives me little time to relax and breathe. But that’s my “resolution” for this year. I dare myself to just stop. And not go anywhere or do anything for a day. Including worrying and thinking what the following day will bring. I hope I am successful. Quite often too.

Just a little side note.. It’s pretty interesting seeing people you know, or know of, or just recognise when you pass them on campus and in town. For example, right now I’m at on a bus home and I recognise a girl standing opposite me. But she has no idea who I am. Even though we chatted for ages once at the cricket match I went to see with the Ladies Cricket here. I find it mad.

On a good note, I’m glad I’m in the general mood to want to try and speak in Spanish or Chinese. And that excites me.