Road Trip!

13th July 2013

Macau is amazing. I know I have said this about every place I’ve been to during the past two weeks but Macau has a slightly different feel to it compared to Hong Kong and China. It’s a mix of a not cared for back streets of Portugal and Spain and the bustling nature of the Chinese people. The pavements are very lovely as they are made from two different colored stones: beige and black. There are stars and patterns made using both of them. Tim showed me the Ruinas da São Paulo (ruins of St Paul’s church where only the entrance is still standing). It was pretty cool.

Pandas in Macau
Pandas in Macau

Then we caught a taxi over to the Parque de Seac Pai Van where the pandas were and i saw pandas! And it wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, it was 10 HKD$ which is equivalent to about a pound in the UK! And they were so cuuuute! The place had two pandas: a boy called KaiKai and a girl called XinXin. They were in separate cages (this isn’t the right word because they weren’t being kept in a space surrounded by iron bars but I can’t think of another appropriate word at the moment) and had a lot in each. They had a mini waterfall, little bridges, these big plastic balls and loads of plants. I’d say they live a life of luxury. And to my happy surprise Tim seemed to really enjoy it too. It made me feel good that I didn’t seem to be dragging him around at this point. So we had a bit of fun taking pictures for a while. The gift shop was quite small but it was stocked with loads of cute cuddly panda toys that if Tim hadn’t been there.. Not kidding. Hehe. But I’ve bought something (don’t worry, not something expensive!) but i don’t know whether I’m going to give it to my brother or not. It’s so hard to buy for Dad and hom. I’m hoping I can find a little something at the Ladies Market tomorrow.

Moving on, we aimed to catch a taxi back but, a bit naively, none were in site as we were in quite a barren part of Macau. So we walked for (luckily) a little bit and came across a bus stop and jumped on the 21A bus to the Venetian as that was our next stop. It was quite hilarious when we got off because we had to walk on the main road to get over to the City of Dreams where we watched a show called the House of Dancing Water. And I tell you now: wonderful, spectacular, impressive. Basically, these dancers/actors perform in water and on stage simultaneously in the most beautiful way. It’s really hard to explain how they do it but imagine a cirque de soleil with water. Seriously, if you’re ever in that part of the world, go and see it! After that we headed over to the Venetian for me to see the casino craze that is famous in Macau and for the fake Venice that the hotel has created on its ground floor. We ate a good dim sum dinner and then headed off to catch the ferry. (In the casino you have to be 21 to enter the area but no one questioned me which was good.) But I think we were too laid back or didn’t realise how much time we needed to catch the booked ferry home at half past eight. We had a lovely little walk through fake Venice. It has a ceiling that resembles the blue sky with clouds and there are buildings that line the little canal as if they are real shops outside. Of course, all these shops were very upper class. Anyway, we ran from the main lobby where the taxi queue looked a mile long (and it was already five to eight) to the west lobby where there was a free shuttle bus that looked about the same length. So Tim refused to stand in a queue (to my relief, they drive me crazy) which meant we trotted off to the Four Seasons at quite a pace. Eventually we got a free shuttle bus to the Taipa ferry instead of Macau and had to get another ticket. But hey, we made it. It’s been one busy fun day.

I’m glad I get on with Tim. I can see why my parents like him, he’s just a friendly fantastic generous person who I think is quite similar to me in some ways. And even though we haven’t been with me today the children are fab. They’re sweet, always listen, always have something to say and have a zest for life. This all makes me really happy to have come here. And so grateful.

On the way home on the ferry we listened to the cricket. England need a flipping miracle. Now I’m going to bed. Exhausted more than I thought possible. But happier more than 98% of the time. And only one more day. (sad face) I want to return home because it’s where I don’t have to wait for wifi, I can speak to everyone easily, I can see my friends, keep my mother company (not that she needs.. I make her sound like an old helpless woman don’t I?), argue with my now teenage brother pointlessly (and also get along with him.. Maybe), go to Wales and most importantly: lying in my SOFT SQUIDGY bed! But I’m going to miss the vibe of culture here, the food, the thrill of being somewhere else in the world, feeling like I have all the time in the world and having no stress about life on my mind.

But hey. Goodnight to you all. Also, thank you to those who have messaged me having read my blog. It means a lot to me that you’ve taken the time to read this. I know it’s hard to drag you away from the exhilarating world of work and school etc.. A big hug to you all.