Summer Reunion '14: the family are back from Calgary

After having my first twelve-hour sleep in absolutely aaaages I have no idea which way is up or down. All I know is I’d love to sleep that well again. I can’t remember my lonnng dream well but it wasn’t a relaxing one. I faintly remember that we were in a the village where the family I au paired for lived. So that gave me shudders when I woke up.

Anyway, on a happier note, we’ve seen good family friends for a fun night in their local pub and are now at my grandparents’ place in Staffordshire. It’s amazing how tall people can grow when you haven’t seen them for about eighteen months. And how short you become as your genes have let you down a bit by ditching you at 5”3’. But it was great to see them. A family I’ve always wished to see more of but we’ve always too lived far away from. And the mothers used to see each other all the time!

Scott, Harry (brother) and I

But Kimi (our cat) remains his slightly reluctant yet loyal friend. She’s as fluffy as always and very chilled.. Now I’m off to be a gardener in the hot summer sun.! I swear my grandparents could act as a local village tescos if they wanted.. They grow so much!