Two weeks.

I remember the rainstorm in this picture on my last night in Hong Kong. We were about to watch the laser show but before we stepped out into the open a monsoon let loose above us. We managed to not get that soaked but it was hilarious watching many people with or without umbrellas running in hysteria for cover. It’s only rain. But it was a real feel good moment. If I had had Louise by my side and no expensive electronics it would’ve been the perfect moment for dancing in the rain. It was just awesome.

Right now I’m lying in one of the most comfiest beds at my grandparents house and I’m posting because it has hit the two week mark. Also, my body refuses to sleep.. I feel the pressure of university already looming even though it is still a week and a half away. I want to go back feeling so prepared even I surprise myself (easily done) but I have quite a few busy days so not much expendable time to become a genius. And we all know that doesn’t happen over night.  (and, yes, you can’t disagree with that. We’ve all had pre-exam dreams during the night before one that we’d wake up and boom! We know everything. And these dreams have yet to come true..)

I’ve just had a mind blank. So I’ll continue tomorrow. So much for being a language student when I can’t seem to think in english. Oh well.