June 11th 2013

Song of the day – Enchanted ♥

This song is for one of the lovely internationals who has returned to Austrailia today. He’s such an incredible and happy guy who shows that there is so much good in the world. And a great friend to all of my friends here and to anyone he met. I know I sound like I’m mourning, I’m not, I’m just celebrating the semester we’ve had with him in our group. And that we’re all going to miss him. (So the meaning of this song is that he is enchanting to meet personality-wise. That we all love him for what he’s given us this semester.)

So this week is going to be full of tears and laughter, hyperness and crying, partying and sitting in silence as this first year comes to a close with the departure of the other three internationals. I almost don’t want to make their poster because I don’t want them to go. And just this experience of the internationals coming here has shown me how awesome it is to be learning languages. I’m able to chat to Marta and Saúl in their native language. And have fun doing it! I just love languages, and being part of something so much bigger in the world.

Yet this next week is showing me who are key people in my life – I know that’s pretty deep but that’s just me – and who I know are my closer friends who value me as much as I value them. Such as the friends making an effort to come all the way here to celebrate something important (to me) with me. And my block friends. They are gems. But my course friends. I’m not sure. I’m just not one like them, I am the black sheep in our little white herd. The third wheel in the normal group of three of us (we can be a group of six). And I’m pretty bored of it. I know that’s the way of the world that you fit better with others than the rest, but I’m with these people for three years.. And I’m not sure if it’s going to get better. So I’m going to see that over the next few days. It just makes me want my sixth form friends here instead. Don’t get me wrong, my course friends are lovely. But there’s a unknown barrier between them and I. And this may just be felt by me. Because they barely know me, who I am, how I work and think. And that’s quite a scary thought. Nine months and we barely know each other. Oh well. Three years to go.

On a happier note I turn nineteen in four days! My friends from home are coming up and I’m just so excited. If the weather is okay, it’s going to be an amazing weekend. I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it is.