Flying Home from Hong Kong
Flying Home from Hong Kong

16th July 2013

So here I go. I’m coming home. I really do hate goodbyes. The first few minutes are the worst. I’m sitting on the airport express train now waiting for it to leave and to wave goodbye to Tim. I can’t admit I’m not teary..

Hong Kong have this amazing set up at the Central train station where you can check in there two hours before your flight! So I did that with Tim and then we went down to the train. It’s so handy that I don’t have to drag my massive back pack around with me and that I can go straight through to security. Also, something funny happened. The check in lady offered that the airline would give me 1500 HK$ and catch a late plane at twenty to three which would get in at half past eight in the UK and I would go in business class. But I said no. (Harry would look at me in utter disbelief at this moment) I had set myself to come home. I had already bossed around mum to pick me up on time and it meant I would’ve got into London Heathrow at half eight and wouldn’t have had any time to chat to my family because it’d be late and I’d be shattered. And quite frankly, £125 to change my course just didn’t seem to settle it fairly. (I’m not meaning that in a ‘I deserve more’ way but I’ve already been an extra person to think about for Tim. He doesn’t need me to hang around any longer.) So yeah. Crazy. I could pretend I’m really scared of flying and they’ll put me in business class anyway. Haha. Kidding. I’ll probably spend half the flight grumbling now but hey! I’ll just bug the hostesses for loads and loads of drinks and snacks as if I am in business class. (mwahaha)

I’ll see you on the other side.