hello and goodbye..

Today I left the Kwans to join Tim over on Hong Kong Island. They were very sweet and came with me in a taxi all the way to Tim’s apartment. Then I got straight in Tim’s car as we were heading out to drop Alex with his Por por (grandma) so we could go up to the Peak for a few hours. Once we’d done that Tim drove us up there. To protect my sunburnt arms I bought a 130 SPF suncream! I never even knew it existed! We walked along the path around the peak (which is 3.2km long!) and had some lunch. Unfortunately I got bitten a few times but nothing as bad as some of the bites the Kwan family had. After that we went down to Stanley Market on the south side of the island and I cheekily spent some money. I bought some earrings and a jade bracelet which was very symbolically important in China.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and we played Harry Potter Cluedo which was pretty funny. Haven’t played at in ages! Now I’m going to bed because I’m so shattered. I promise tomorrow will be much more interesting! It’s just one of those days. Hope you’re all good. I can’t wait to get into a proper double bed tonight.