Only I, in a country where I value the peoples opinion of me (because I’m learning their language), can do something embarrassing and not be able to communicate afterwards about it. On the quick flight over I managed to spill orange juice all over myself. Not only did it spill, it has turned my white linen trousers slightly yellow. Not to mention that they were see through during most of the plane journey. I swear I’m jinxed. Other than that it was an east flight. I’m now at the hostel which is pretty much an apartment where they’ve rented out rooms. It’s pretty nice! What I love about it was as I walked through this residential compound to get to it there were adults and children everywhere playing and chatting. It had a community like lovely buzz that I was instantly drawn into. I wish I wasn’t so foreign.

My hostel room in Guangzhou.
My hostel room in Guangzhou.

Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to get the chance to go into Guangzhou during my stay. I’m intending on sleeping in and showering in the morning then heading out to the station when I leave. My train is at two so I don’t have much time. But I’d rather relax and have energy for Hong Kong rather than arrive exhausted. And I miss company at the moment. Although it’s cool here, I miss having Louise to chat to. Anyway, I better get ready for bed and read.