going solo

5th July 2013

We woke up at about twenty to eight and showered etc to be ready for nine o’clock. My dad had arranged for me to contact a Chinese colleague who lives here in Shanghai and his son and him are kindly coming over to show us around the Pudong area where all the skyscrapers are. They arrived at about quarter past nine and we were taken in their car to see places (they have a driver! Posh eh?). The son showed us an small expat mall and school then we went up the Jingmao tower (which is actually a hotel) where we looked past the skyscrapers to the other side of the river where the main part of the city is. It was pretty cool but it was a shame about the cloud cover today though. Where has the sun gone?! (I hear it has run off to the UK as my mother was saying how hot she was in the ‘near thirty degree heat’ . I hardly believe it.)

So now I’m in Shanghai HongQiao Airport to go to Guangzhou! I can’t believe it. The taxi driver on the way here was quite sweet. When I put my stuff in then went to hug Louise (sad face) I turned back round to see him clapping his hands together with (what seemed like) glee. I spoke a little bit of Chinese during the journey but unfortunately mine doesn’t make the cut. There were only basic things I could say and obviously the people here speak incredibly fast (to my ears anyway). It’s so frustrating. We better learn bucket loads in second year. Anyway, I’m here waiting to board. This seat is starting to make my backside ache. And I hope we leave on time because a lot of flights have been delayed today. I can’t wait to sit on a flight full of Chinese people. For some reason, in this airport I get a kick out of being the only westerner (pretty much). My hair makes me stand out like a black sheep in a white crowd. Haha. Unfortunately I haven’t even boarded my plane yet, apparently it landed late so they need to do the ground ecks and sort it out before we get on. Atleast I have no rush to be anywhere and when I arrive I can just arrive at the hostel and go straight to bed.

Anyway, will update when I am still alive once I’ve landed on the other side.