Eight days..

Me - June 2014
Me – June 2014
Let me introduce myself a little bit, I’m Georgie. My birthday is in nineteen days (and I’m going to be nineteen hehe!) and I study Spanish and Chinese at University. And I’m sorry in advance if this is a waffly post. I’m learning…

In eight days I will have finished my first year at university. In eight days I’ll be able to sleep. In eight days I will hopefully stop devouring bar after bar of dairy milk fruit and nut chocolate. and in eight days, I, like many other students, will be able to go out again!

Anyway, I better get back to revision. I tell you now, A-level is SO much better. You don’t learn much in first year (for your post a-level language) and at the end there is a b**** (excuse my language) of an exam. But hey, we plow through it don’t we?

Oh! And I’ll also like to share why I chose the title for the blog. Pretty simple but I’ve made a friend here that when life gets tough, or she has a rant on twitter about Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid Football or life in general. She always hashtags #lifeofalanguagestudent. And I’ve somehow caught on. So thanks to the dramas in her life, I’ve started something new….