counting down..

27th June 2013

In four days I will be on a cramped flight to Beijing International Airport with my best friend by my side and a diet coke in my hand (even though it’ll be 8:15 in the morning, who gives?). I’m anticipating that we’ll spend most of the journey chatting and planning what we want to do in both Beijing and Shanghai and I manage to stare at maps enough to learn what’s where. And I hope the food and films are good too. I haven’t started packing yet, I need to go get the bag I’m borrowing off some friends to start but I have no clue what to take. That’s always the major impossibility about going somewhere, you never know what to pack. The idea that you don’t pack one thing and then need or want to wear it is too much compared to the thought that you can something else instead. But as you can’t predict anything, you pack it all.

I’m just so stumped. I’ve read page after page of what people have suggested to wear and that gives me some confidence. But apparently in Beijing they don’t like the look of short shorts or skirts… It’s preferred to wear knee-length. And man alive, that is not the youth fashion culture over here! So I’m going to guess what to pack.. And let you know how successful I am. I wish I didn’t look so European!

I’ve borrowed a few Chinese movies off my boyfriend and I’m so excited to watch Mulan in Mandarin! I can already tell it’s going to be so good. And I have films such as Hero, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.. I’ll give my reviews on those too.. Oh I enjoy being about to watch things in other languages. It makes me buzz ^.^ I watched House of Flying Daggers and I thought it was really good. Twisty plot line was unexpected!